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Revenue troubles and Tom Brokaw in town

We’re still keeping our collective fingers crossed that spring is just around the corner. At least today dawned with sunshine and the promise of a slight warming trend. The midweek conversation around town produces a mixed-bag of information today.

State revenue dropped by $31 million in February, compared to last February. That leaves the state almost $7 million behind revenue forecasts. Still, there are no plans for any further budget cuts, with state officials saying things should get better over the long haul.

Little Rock City Directors have approved a new law that prohibits parking vehicles in front yards. The ban goes into effect June 1 and includes grassy areas on the side of your house, too. The law has been in the works for years, but vocal opponents always kept it off the books. The law does allow you to get permits for “special events”.

If you thought you saw NBC’s Tom Brokaw in town recently, you were right. Brokaw was visiting Little Rock to gather information for a documentary on the “Baby Boomer” generation.

The documentary airs Thursday night at 8 pm (Central Time) on CNBC. Brokaw…introduces viewers to everyday boomers and their children -- real people who have lived through unprecedented prosperity and now find themselves facing significant financial, physical and social challenges. For years, by their sheer heft in numbers, baby boomers altered the economy, and now, it has altered them. After experiencing historic wealth, many boomers now find themselves likely to outlive their money. Brokaw captures the stunned disbelief of a downsized generation that never saw it coming and that now confronts rising unemployment and dashed dreams of retirement. He also examines the boomers’ unique and unyielding quest to preserve their youth, leading one writer to describe these children of Woodstock as, “Generation Ageless.”

From the blogs this Wednesday morning, a list of events this weekend in Little Rock, including a word of warning:

This Weekend in Little Rock

This weekend is the Little Rock Marathon and all the companion races for the Little Rock Marathon.  This year, the 5k is on Saturday and the marathon/half marathon and relay are on Sunday.  What does that mean for you? Stay out of […]

The Arkansas Times blog links us to a couple of articles about Arkansas golfer John Daly. Not much on the positive side of things here, especially not in a review of his new reality show:

The Dardanelle trainwreck

The love for John Daly is hard to find. The NY Times hates his new […]

And, several bloggers are linking to (and commenting about) the first big poll in the U.S. Senate race:

AR Senate: New Poll

Quick on the draw, Rasmussen has the results of a telephone survey showing both Sen. Blanche Lincoln and Lt. Gov. Bill Halter trailing […]

More on the Brokaw Documentary and the blogs in the Video Version HERE.


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