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'Revenge': Will Aiden team up with Victoria against Emily?

Victoria Grayson on 'Revenge'
Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images

Season 3 of “Revenge” has just begun and fans are already speculating what will happen. The premiere induced Victoria’s firstborn son, Patrick. While he didn’t stick around long, he is sure to be back at some point this season. At some point there will be someone who shoots Emily, but that is still anyone’s guess. When the premiere ended, fans were given a glimpse of Victoria walking in to a waiting Aiden. According to a video posted on the official “Revenge” Facebook page, it looks like Aiden may be willing to tell Victoria all the nasty secrets he has on Emily. Fans aren’t sure what to believe, but the preview looks intriguing.

During Season 2, Emily and Aiden had a falling out. He took off and it was assumed he wouldn’t be coming back. Now that he has reappeared, fans aren’t sure what his plans are. He could be feeding Victoria bogus information, or he could actually out Emily as Amanda Clarke. If he does out Emily, there won’t be much story to tell, so fans are hoping that Aiden is working with Emily at throwing Victoria off.

You can catch an all-new episode of “Revenge” tonight on ABC at 8 p.m. CST. Fans will get to see the entire conversation that goes on between Aiden and Victoria.

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