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‘Revenge’ Victoria’s bridal shower for Emily backfires loudly 3X08

Victoria's bridal shower for Emily is a disastor
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When “Secrecy” aired on Sunday, Nov. 17 at 8 p.m., it wasn’t only Emily with well-guarded secrets. Victoria thought she had uncovered one of Emily’s secrets and planned to use it against her at the bridal shower but Emily was ready for her.

Victoria staged a game based on “This Is Your Life.” First she blindfolded Daniel and spoke about someone who knew him from college. He guessed who it was and there was a happy reunion between the friends.

When it came to Emily’s turn, Victoria went on about how hard it was to find someone from her past but she had succeeded in finding …Emily’s first husband! Emily feigned shock and then demurely explained how it had been a marriage of convenience to help the man stay in the country when he was threatened with deportation. She admitted it wasn’t her finest hour but she’d done it to help a friend.

Victoria’s plan backfired loudly and the echoes reverberated throughout the Hamptons. Daniel was surprised but accepted Emily’s explanation graciously and even spoke cordially with her ex-husband. The whole of the guest list was aware of the fact that Victoria had tried to humiliate her future daughter-in-law at her own bridal shower and that left a nasty taste in Victoria’s mouth.

More importantly was the effect the trickery had on Sarah, the young woman Victoria had pinned all her hopes of breaking up Daniel and Emily’s engagement on. Sarah watched the shenanigans and realized Victoria would go to any lengths to get her way. Though she had considered helping Victoria break up the impending marriage because she has feelings for Daniel, she didn’t want to be a home wrecker and told Victoria there was no way she would help her destroy Emily’s happiness.

This isn’t the end of Victoria’s meddling, however. Aware that Conrad has passed on the tradition of Grayson men having a place to have affairs with their mistresses, she finds out Daniel has gone there with Sarah and shares the information with Emily. Emily is visibly shaken when she finds out it is true and launches a desperate plan of her own. In order to keep Daniel on the leash, she later tells him she is pregnant, complete with an ultrasound photo. Let the wedding bells ring.

The next episode, “Surrender” will air on “Revenge” in three weeks. Check back often for news, spoilers and updates.

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