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‘Revenge’ Victoria and Charlotte team up to drive Emily and Daniel apart

There is no love lo0st between Emily and Victoria on “Revenge” but this week saw Victoria get help from an unlikely source, her daughter, Charlotte. When “Resurgence” aired on Sunday, Nov. 10, at 8 p.m., it was Charlotte e who pointed out the importance of Daniel’s old flame, Sarah, to Victoria and how they could use that to drive Emily and Daniel apart.

Charlotte helps Victoria break up Emily and Daniel
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Victoria paid a surprise visit to Sarah and enlisted her help. Later, at a social event, Daniel and Sarah were very cozy and almost kissed. The moment was captured on film by Nolan, who shared it with Emily. Now Emily has Sarah in her sites because nothing and no one is going to stop her plans to wed Daniel and exact her revenge on the Grayson family.

Nolan took care of Conrad Grayson’s busy little publicist who was making Emily’s life miserable, too, freeing Emily to focus on Sarah. As if the poor girl hasn’t had to overcome enough in her life, now she’ll have to deal with Emily because Victoria basically drew a big target on her forehead.

“Revenge” airs on Sundays on ABC at 8 p.m. Check back often for news, spoilers and updates.

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