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'Revenge' spoilers: Will Emily's new plan work?

Promos for the newest episode of "Revenge" suggest that Emily's new plan may not work out for her.
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Showtime

On March 10 Spoiler TV shared the latest promo for ABC's "Revenge" and it looks as though Emily Thorne has a change of plans,to simply kill them all.

With Emily's memory still not being 100-percent, she could end up being her own undoing. Not to mention, Victoria claims that this is her game and she's the one that set things up so she knows how it's played and might best Emily in the end.

Nolan is seen in the promo video convincing someone that Emily's path has changed and that it is going to be to her detriment and everyone else's but will they listen? Many feel that Emily's plans are justified in just killing everyone but somehow, it seems as though it will likely backfire on her and not quite work out as she hopes. The promo claims that Victoria has the upper hand, but how is that so? She only thinks that she knows Emily's secrets but she definitely doesn't know all of them. She has hired henchmen to dig up more dirt on Emily, but will that mean anything or will Emily suspect that this was likely to happen eventually and be on the lookout?

This Sunday's episode of "Revenge" looks as though it's going to be quite tense. Hopefully, we're ready for what could happen. Do you think that Emily really has the capability to kill everyone as she claims she's going to?

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