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'Revenge' spoilers: Victoria's henchmen to be introduced once season returns

Olivier is going to be playing Pascal LeMarchal, on of Victoria's henchmen in an upcoming episode of "Revenge."
Photo by Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

On March 4 MStarz shares that Victoria's henchmen will be introduced once this season of "Revenge" finally returns. There are two henchmen in particular that are really nasty and devious that are taking on Victoria's side.

Victoria had her son dig up dirt on Emily, and he stole her infinity box from Nolan's house. Now that she has it, Victoria thinks that she knows all of her daughter-in-law's secrets, however, Nolan knew that something would likely happen so he took out all the really important things and left her father's journals which Victoria likely already knew existed. Her henchmen are there to help dig up dirt on Emily and learn what her real intentions are.

One of the henchmen that we will first see is Brandon. He's creepy, manipulative, and charming, so naturally he fits right in with the rest of Victoria's friends in the Hamptons. He is going to work his magic to try an elicit as much information from the Hampton socialites on Emily as possible. The one thing that he likely isn't banking on is that Emily has been a very guarded person and hasn't told anyone much of anything about herself, let alone the truth.

In other "Revenge" news, Olivier Martinez will be playing Pascal LaMarchal, a media mogul that owns the magazine that his daughter, and Jack's love interest, Margeaux runs. In the most recent photo stills of the upcoming episode, Pascal is seen with both Emily and Victoria on his arms. He's described as being a cut-throat businessman that has a very competitive history with Conrad Grayson, who just convinced Margeaux to fire his son so that he wouldn't print slander in her magazine.

"Revenge" will finally be returning on March 9 at 9 pm after "Once Upon a Time" returns.

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