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'Revenge' spoilers: Season 3 finale brings major deaths, 'most shocking twist'

Fans should expect big shockers in the season 3 finale of 'Revenge'
Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images

The season 3 “Revenge” finale airs Sunday on ABC and fans are dying to know just what will go down. The show has teased that someone will die, and it seems Emily Thorne is finally being called out by Victoria on her fake identity. Viewers are anxious for “Revenge” spoilers and on Friday TV Guide teased some juicy tidbits. What can viewers expect?

Revenge against Conrad for his role in the bombing of Flight 197 has finally been achieved, but now Emily Thorne needs to wrap things up with Victoria. That, however, will be no simple task. Based on the preview and “Revenge” spoiler tease via the show's Facebook page, Victoria may finally have things pieced together and it seems that she may be ready to confront Emily about the fact she is really Amanda Clarke.

Someone will die on the finale this Sunday, but who will it be? “Revenge” spoilers indicate that Emily VanCamp said she was sobbing over the death, and it is teased that the death will be “surprising and impactful.” It will also change things dramatically for all of the show's characters going forward. Who will it be? There are a lot of theories, but nobody will know for certain until Sunday's finale airs.

“Revenge” spoilers also tease that everybody on the canvas will end up in the midst of some type of cliffhanger, and the final two scenes of the May 11 season 3 finale are ones that will “absolutely blow our audience's minds” both in terms of what happens and what it means going forward. It also seems that what goes down will set the stage for a bit of a reincarnation of the show, so it sounds like truly big things are ahead.

While much of the focus Sunday is on the Emily and Victoria battle, Wetpaint teases “Revenge” spoilers that there is much more transpiring. It seems there will actually be multiple deaths ahead in the season 3 finale, and Daniel himself is “in peril.” Aiden will make some sort of a drastic move, and Emily runs in to big trouble as she is snooping around a cabin. Emily will get both “the best and worst news of her life” according to E! Online's big “Revenge” spoilers.

How does it all end? Supposedly the show manages to pull off “its most shocking twist ever,” giving fans a lot to speculate about. How does a show known for its twists, turns and shockers manage to give viewers something bigger and more shocking than they've seen up until now? Could David Clarke actually still be alive? That is definitely being speculated, but nobody will know for certain until Sunday.

Tune in to the season 3 finale airing on May 11 and see if the “Revenge” spoilers were dishing out the right level of hype. Luckily news is out that the show has been renewed and "Revenge" season 4 is on the way, so fans won't be left hanging for forever.

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