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‘Revenge’ spoilers of episode 3x21 ‘Impetus,’ the Graysons empire crumbles

After watching the last episode of “Revenge” on Sunday night, fans are desperate to know what comes next. In a recap of the episode posted by Buddy TV on April 27, it is clear that things are heating up as the march to the finale in the Hamptons draws closer. Despite the fact that that episode had 1 marriage proposal, 2 kidnappings, 1 murder, 1 high-tech take-down and 1 broken heart, it doesn’t hold a candle to the promo for episode 3x21, “Impetus” which was posted on YouTube on April 27.

‘Revenge’ spoilers of episode 3x21 ‘Impetus,’ the Graysons empire crumbles
Photo by Tommaso Boddi

The announcer tells us “They rule the Hamptons with an iron fist.” We are shown shots of Conrad and Victoria in their regal living room, an aerial shot of the Hamptons and then a brief clip of Aiden being held by police in what looks like a police station. Someone, who might be Daniel, punches him while he is being held.

The announcer continues, “Next Sunday their empire will finally crumble.” Conrad is seen shouting with all the tenacity he can muster, “I have the power to take you out anytime I want.” Who he is talking to is not shown.

In the next clip, he is again shouting. This time he says, “Charlotte’s been abducted.” This is followed by a blip of the captor, his face covered. He is shown either taping or untaping Charlotte’s mouth. She is seen screaming and looking completely terrorized. Victoria says, presumably to Conrad, “If she dies, this will be your fault.”

Our announcer friend is back with one last statement. “And Emily will deliver the final blow.” This plays as we see Victoria lunge at Conrad and slap him, followed by Emily saying coyly, “I’m not done yet.”

Since the announcer says the Graysons’ empire finally crumbles, does that mean Emily finally gets her revenge? What is the last blow she delivers? Why is Aiden in police custody and who has Charlotte and why?

“Impetus” will air on “Revenge” on Sunday, May 4 on ABC.

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