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'Revenge' sneak peek: Victoria starts to put the pieces together

Fans of "Revenge" know that Victoria is starting to figure out Emily Thorne's plan. Victoria is getting closer to knowing everything there is to know too. On April 17, Screen Spy shared a sneak peek for the next episode, "Revenge" episode 3x20 titled "Revolution." The clip features Madeline Stowe and Olivier Martinez.

Victoria is figuring Emily out.
Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images

During the short clip, Victoria is on her balcony, and she is talking to Pascal about Emily. She is putting the pieces together, and she wonders what Emily's next plot against her will be. Pascal promises to protect her, but Victoria doesn't want the man involved or anywhere near Emily. Pascal makes a surprising move next. He asks Victoria to marry him. When she says yes, he pulls out an engagement ring and slips it on her finger. That is where the clip ends.

Victoria is definitely putting the puzzle that is Emily's plot together, and it may not be long before Victoria figures out that Emily Thorne is really the daughter of David Clarke. TV Guide did share a spoiler about that reveal. Sunil Nayer, the man behind the series, teased to the site that Victoria might figure everything out before the end of the season.

With that big of a reveal, it is likely that Victoria's discovery will be the cliffhanger to end the season. Fans would then have to wait all summer long to find out how Emily and Victoria handle this new truth. Will they join forces in season four? ABC has not yet announced a pick up for this series for another season, but the series still manages to bring in viewers week after week. With loyal viewers, it is likely ABC will keep the series around. With the addition of this game-changing plot, fans would be left hanging otherwise.

What do you think? Will Victoria find out Emily's secret to end season three? Do you want a season four of this ABC series?

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