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'Revenge' sneak peek: Emily irritates Daniel

On March 24 ABC releases a sneak peek video of "Revenge" and what Emily is up to now and how it irritates Daniel.

In last Sunday's episode, Emily made a very public break from the Grayson's that allowed Daniel to have his divorce from Emily like he wanted. Now that she is newly single, she's using that to her advantage to throw a soiree to unravel an old mystery that seemingly involves Pascal and his connection to the whole David Clarke case.

When Daniel catches up to Emily, he is surprised that she was able to throw such an extravagant event when she didn't have any money left. Nolan placed fake documents in Emily's infinity box that Patrick stole for his mother so that Victoria would think that she was broke. Then, Emily tells him that with all the stress and hustle of the divorce, she forgot to give him back his credit card.

It seemed as if it were a fairly appropriate dig on her part to make him pay for the event considering her infidelity of kissing Aiden is nothing compared to shooting your wife on your wedding night and having someone else blamed for it, and moving your ex-girlfriend into your home while your wife is recovering to flaunt it in front of her.

Do you think that Emily will be able to get Pascal to reveal his secret in the David Clarke case?

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