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‘Revenge’ sneak peek at 3x21, Charlotte and her captor in ‘Impetus’

In the final moments of last week’s “Revenge,” Charlotte Grayson (Christa B. Allen) was abducted on the beach, presumably by the creepy person writing letters to her. Yesterday, Wetpaint shared a new sneak peek from episode 3x21, titled “Impetus,” of Charlotte and her abductor that looks pretty chilling.

‘Revenge’ sneak peek at 3x21, Charlotte and her captor in ‘Impetus’
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

Charlotte can be heard screaming as the clip opens. She is in some kind of storage room, tied to a chair. Bright lights shine at her from numerous angles. The captor, dressed in black with his or her face covered, tapes her mouth. Through a speech modifying device the captor tells her to “Cooperate, and you’ll be fine.”

Net, the person in black places a newspaper on her lap. The headline reads, “Pascal LeMarchal Dead,” presumably to prove the date and that Charlotte is still alive at this time. The captor leaves the room which appears to have a large window looking into the hallway in it. A large camera appears to be set up for taking photos or making a video out in that hallway. As the captor closes the door, a sign on it can be read, “Do Not Enter While Red Light Is Flashing.” Is this some sort of recording room or studio?

Just as the clip ends, it looks as if the captor is about to remove the covering from his or her face. Naturally, he will be out of Charlotte’s line of sight but it looks like we may find out who it is pretty quickly.

Is this a plan of Emily’s to get at the Graysons? We don’t think so because at the end of the last episode, she told Aiden she “thought” she had a plan. She normally confides everything in her trio of merry men, Jack, Nolan and Aiden. She didn’t seem to have a new plan completely fleshed out so the likelihood that she is behind this is slim.

Is it a plan of Victoria’s to somehow get a Conrad? She did have Daniel beat up once to move her own agenda forward. We wouldn’t put it past her.

Whoever it is, the person is tied to the creep in the cabin that followed Charlotte and Jack back to the Hamptons. Just who he is working for isn’t known yet either.

Who do you think kidnapped Charlotte? Is one of her family members behind it? Check it out, and then share your theories in the comments below.

“Impetus” will air on “Revenge” on Sunday, May 4 on ABC.

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