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'Revenge' showrunner Sunil Nayar dissects season 3 finale and cliffhanger

'Revenge' showrunner Sunil Nayar dissects season 3 finale and cliffhanger
'Revenge' showrunner Sunil Nayar dissects season 3 finale and cliffhanger
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The season 3 finale of “Revenge” aired Sunday night and just as showrunner Sunil Nayar predicted, it did indeed pay off for all three of the shows’ seasons. With 2 shocking deaths and a huge cliffhanger ending, Inside TV was compelled to share details of an interview with Nayar on May 11 that breaks down the finale’s biggest twists.

When asked why he felt this was a good place to end the season, Nayar explained that he and his team always knew the ending points had to be big swings so they could take the audience to places they never expected. The plan was to have everyone wondering what would happen when Victoria unmasked Emily so they could answer the question but not by simply having Victoria charge in and make Emily’s identity known in front of the world. Emily needed to be the victor, for now, because eventually Victoria will be released from the mental hospital. When Victoria returns, there is no telling what she’ll be armed with or what she will do.

The return of David Clarke, the executive producer says, will be a real gam-changer. He admits the move could have a polarizing effect on some members of the audience but feels everyone will come back to see how it’s possible that he’s still alive and what will happen when he reveals himself. It gives the writers a chance to re-explore Emily. At one point in the show, Nolan asked her who she would be when this was over. Her response was ‘I don’t know who Amanda Clark is anymore.’ One way to help her find out is to bring back the person who loved her the most except that now he’s a man she doesn’t even know anymore. His return opens up endless psychological possibilities for where the show can go. AS fans saw, Clarke is no longer a man of forgiveness. He’s not the father Amanda loved or the man Victoria loved. He’s someone new, changed by his own experiences.

When it came to Conrad’s death, Nayar says the idea was right for show but difficult in every other way. It gave Emily a much-needed win after 3 years so it was definitely right for the story-telling but it was difficult because Henry Czerny is so loved on the set by the cast and crew. But Nayar also teased that fans didn’t actually see him die so you never really know for sure.

The death of Aiden was meant to reignite her need for revenge “in a way she’s never known before,” Nayar said. With Aiden, she was an adult and understood who she was, something she didn’t have in her other relationships, really. Aiden was the love of her life and the person she planned to spend her life with. That kind of loss creates longing. With David Clarke returning, it was necessary to have a loss that would propel Emily on.

Does Aiden’s death open the door for Jack and Emily to hook up romantically? Nayar says their relationship will change yet again.

“I mean, it’s not a happy accident but it’s the nature of how these relationships work. We saw at the beginning of the season how Jack and Emily were completely blown apart. And in the second half of the season we were bringing them back together. But certainly the one person who will understand the loss she’s experiencing is Jack because he lost the woman he fell in love with and the mother of his child. So they get to connect not only on the level of what they mean to each other but there’s also an element of grief and anger. So we’re definitely going to see the relationship deepen and grow.”

ABC announced last week that “Revenge” has been picked up for season 4. That’s a good thing because there are too many things left dangling at this point. What did you think of the finale?