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'Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers: Sunil Nayar: 'Nothing off limits' for Emily

There are only 2 episodes left in season 3 of “Revenge” The first, “Impetus,” will air tonight and the finale will air next week. Showrunner Sunil Nayar recently talked about the finale, as reported on Christian Post on Friday, and said it will be “spectacular.”

Emily appears to be digging a grave in a cemetery
Photo by YouTube (Screen Capture)
'Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers: 'Nothing off limits' for Emily says Sunil Nayar
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

All season, Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) has moved steadily closer to bringing down those she holds responsible for the death of her father, David Clarke, and that is primarily the Grayson family. With Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) finding out that Emily is not who she says she is and that she is after revenge, it is only a matter of time before Victoria learns her true identity. That makes this season’s finale potentially the most exciting and dangerous episode for Emily yet.

The finale, titled “Execution,” should be amazing. According to Nayar, it will offer “spectacular thing after spectacular thing happen in every act." YouTube shared some promotional photos that show Emily in a cemetery digging what appears to be a grave. Standing beside her is Victoria. What Emily is doing and why Victoria is there are not explained in the pictures. Check them out in the slideshow.

There have also been rumors circulating that a major death will occur in the finale, one so intense, Emily cries over the loss of the person. “With an episode like “Execution,” it’s no surprise that the show is planning another major death,” Nayar says. With Charlotte kidnapped and being Emily’s real sister, could she be the one in peril? The title suggests the death is not accidental and this scenario would fit the rumors.

Nayar revealed how VanCamp reacted to the plot twist. "I was standing next to [VanCamp] when she was sobbing over that passing, and I promise it will be surprising and impactful and alter the journey of all the characters on the show," he said.

"Revenge" airs on ABC Sundays at 10 p.m. EST. “Impetus” airs tonight with the following synopsis to whet your appetite: "Emily resorts to drastic actions against the Graysons and those who are close to her." The synopsis for "Execution," which airs on Sunday, May 11 says: "Nothing is off limits as Emily and Victoria are dead set on destroying each other. Live will be lost and fates will be altered, but who will rise victorious?"

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