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‘Revenge’ season finale kills a character? Emily VanCamp cried over death

Emily VanCamp
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez

Revenge” is going to be very different in the upcoming season, but before the summer hiatus the fans get to enjoy a few more hours with the cast. While some fans might take for granted all the talent on the show, the viewers might want to enjoy everyone for as much time as they have as the clock is ticking. According to Latin Post on Wednesday, a major character will be meeting their demise on the season finale of "Revenge."

The episode that highlights the killing is called “Execution” and will be quite a shocker. So much so that TV Guide reported that actress Emily VanCamp cried over the character's passing. While the viewers do get attached to particular people and sad to see characters go, when cast members get upset there has to be a major change on the way to invoke such a strong emotion.

So far no details have been given out on who is going to die on the show, but there is a reason for the big decision. The writers will be able to change up the journey of the characters and give the viewers a new perspective on the show. Still, it is sad to hear that someone will be leaving “Revenge.”

There has been an evolving trend surrounding the TV season over the past six weeks. As the season finale shows come closer the fans become increasingly worried about the characters they love. As death can be seen at any time, the stories have included surprise killings of major characters and offered little warning.

The fans of “Revenge” will be looking at saying goodbye to a major character by the end of the season, but for now people are just wondering who that might be. There are quite a few major characters on this show so it could be anyone!

"Revenge” airs Sunday, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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