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'Revenge' season 4: Will David Clarke turn against his own daughter?

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

The filming for "Revenge" season 4 is underway and one character fans are interested in knowing more about is David Clarke. For years, Emily Thorne thought he was dead. She spent the past three seasons avenging his death and trying to clear his name. All that time, work, resources and energy... only he didn't die. He has been alive and well all these years. Some viewers are speculating that when Emily finds out David is alive, it won't be a happy reunion. There is a rumor that David may turn against his own daughter, according to a July 31 post by the Gospel Herald.

How will Emily react when she finds out her father is alive? Probably not well. Even though she might be overjoyed to see him alive, there could be a lot of anger. Where has he been and why did he abandon her? Another question is does David know that Emily is the real Amanda Clarke? If not, will she tell him or save that card for later?

Executive producer Aaron Harberts told E! Online that David Clarke is not the most emotionally and psychologically stable guy around. If Victoria Grayson manages to get to him first, she could convince him to turn on Emily. If Victoria gets to David before Emily does, then she has the upper hand. She has the control and could he be manipulated by her? Harberts pondered the question,

"When Victoria discovers that David is back, is her first reaction terror because maybe he knows that she betrayed him?"

Christian Today reported that when season 4 of "Revenge" airs, David Clarke will be caught between two women. Obviously Victoria wants revenge and Emily made it her mission the past few years to destroy the Grayson family. The question is how will he be caught in the middle and what does this mean for the show?

What do you think will happen with David when "Revenge" returns to ABC on Sept. 28? How will Emily deal with the news and what does Victoria have in store for the main character?

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