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'Revenge' season 4: What will happen with Emily Thorne and David Clarke?

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

"Revenge" season 4 is a little more than a month away and fans are busy speculating on what will happen when the show returns. On Aug. 2, Yahoo TV posted some speculations and spoilers about Emily Thorne and David Clarke. So what are people saying about these characters?

As loyal fans already know, Emily Thorne is Amanda Clarke. However, since she has spent so much time assuming a different identity, she has lost sight of who she really is. In season 4, she will be trying to figure this out and will attempt to live in truth. But this is going to be easier said than done.

David Clarke is alive, but all of these years Emily and everyone else believed he was dead. She spent so much time, energy and resources to clear his name and avenge his death. Not only that, but she was left an orphan when he "died." She probably isn't going to take the news of him resurfacing very well. Why did he abandon her and not let her know in some way that he was all right? Why has he decided to show up now? Does he know that Emily is really his daughter or is this something that will remain hidden for a while?

Episode titles can sometimes reveal hints and International Business Times wrote that two of them have been revealed. The season premiere episode is titled "Renaissance." Even though most think of the Renaissance period from history, dictionaries offer other definitions for the word. One definition is,

"A renewal of life, vigor, interest, etc.; rebirth; revival; a moral renaissance."

This definition is very interesting and can relate to both characters. Emily will be trying to rediscover herself and learn who she really is. She will try living in truth and dealing with the consequences of the things she has done. This sure sounds like a moral renaissance.

David Clarke has suddenly been resurrected. Based on what he did to Conrad last season, he certainly seems to have a renewed sense of something. I wouldn't call it a renewal of life, but perhaps of vengeance.

"Revenge" season 4, episode 2 is titled "Disclosure." Fans are speculating that this has to do with David Clarke. He does have a lot to disclose, especially to Emily. She deserves an explanation, but will she like what she hears? But there is the chance that it doesn't have to do with Emily at all. Executive producer Aaron Harberts told E! Online,

"If Victoria Grayson manages to get to him first, she could convince David to turn on Emily. If Victoria gets to David before Emily does, then she has the upper hand. She has the control and could he be manipulated by her?"

As for fan speculations, some believe that Conrad Grayson isn't dead. Showrunner Sunil Nayar did confirm that there was no body. However, he wouldn't say if Conrad was actually dead or if he somehow survived. As for Daniel, there is a theory that he goes to jail after being framed for murder.

For those who want Emily and Jack together, rest assured that he is going to play a huge part in Emily's quest to discover herself again. E! Online reported that actor Nick Wechsler said,

"... I'm also excited for people to see Jack and Emily—we find a way for their feelings to blossom again. An opportunity for them is created."

But there seems to be a problem coming up. There are reports that a new man is going to come between Jack and Emily. Viewers wonder if it is the new love interest that TV Line wrote about a while back. This new character is described as being charming, sexy and he has a lot of secrets. .

"Revenge" season 4 will air its premiere episode on Sept. 28. What are your theories on what will happen with Emily Thorne and David Clarke?

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