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'Revenge' season 4: Victoria will be in a very dark place

Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria on "Revenge"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The season finale of "Revenge" aired recently and even though there are months to wait for season 4, fans are still looking for information. One character that viewers want to know about is Victoria. The last episode that aired revealed her being sent to a mental ward, thanks to Emily. Even though she is currently under medical care, Victoria will still be very much part of the show. On May 21, E! Online posted some details about what to expect from Victoria Grayson in "Revenge" season 4.

The spoiler report states that while Victoria's storyline isn't set it stone, she will probably be in a dark place when the upcoming season begins. She has lost quite a bit and being thrown into a mental hospital certainly doesn't help. Towards the end of last season, Pascal proposed to Victoria and she was beyond happy about it. Then he died and Victoria discovered that his contact as Homeland Security was a fake. She also finally figured out that Emily was actually Amanda Clarke.

Everything happening at once would have an impact on anyone. However, Victoria is used to getting her way and using her money and resources to make things happen. She wasn't able to do this with Emily by the season 3 finale and it has to be eating away at her. wrote that "Revenge" season 4 will not have Emily narrating. Instead, it will be Victoria's voice that viewers will hear. It sounds like Victoria Grayson will still very much be a part of the upcoming season.

Other things that fans can expect in the upcoming season is that Emily's father will the the main focus. Now that it is known that David Clarke is alive, how will that affect the storylines? Showrunner Sunil Nayar also teased that nobody actually saw Conrad die. He didn't say that he is alive, but just the mention of it is having people debating.

What do you think will happen with Victoria on "Revenge" season 4? Will she be able to damage Emily or will her efforts be thwarted? What are your theories on where the story will go next?

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