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‘Revenge' season 4 spoilers: Will Emily and Jack get back together next season?

‘Revenge' season 4 spoilers: Will Emily and Jack get back together next season?
‘Revenge' season 4 spoilers: Will Emily and Jack get back together next season?
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As fans saw in the season 3 finale of “Revenge,” Emily’s love, Aiden, is dead. This leaves the door open for Jack to waltz through but the question is, will he? This is a question Christian Today attempted to address on June 3.

Just because Aiden is out of the picture doesn’t mean Emily will be ready to open her heart, even to Jack, her childhood sweetheart. While Emily and Aiden’s romance rode the roller coaster, he was the one person who truly understood her. Not only did he understand her, he stood by her, even when she married Daniel Grayson for the sake of her revenge. She will definitely need time to grieve, not to mention the fact that she will have other things on her mind like making sure Victoria is dealt with and coping with the news that her father, David Clarke, is alive.

Nick Wechsler, who plays Jack Porter, said, "Not to be crass, but that’s part of the idea. I think we always want them...I'm the carrot that we dangle for the audience."

He is right about that. We have been rooting for these two to make since the beginning.

Executive producer Sunil Nayar added his take on the situation, saying that ‘Emily and Jack will bond during Emily's grief.’ These may not be the best circumstances for rekindling a relationship that was never much more than a childhood crush, but according to the EP, that’s how it works in the real world. Nayar said:

"...certainly the one person who will understand the loss she's experiencing is Jack because he lost the woman he fell in love with and the mother of his child. So they get to connect not only on the level of what they mean to each other but there's also an element of grief and anger. So we're definitely going to see the relationship deepen and grow."

Jack has had his troubles accepting Emily and her plan for revenge, too. At the end of season 3, he did seem to be coming around, though. Will he be ready to swoop in and comfort the grieving Emily? Based on what Nayar and Wechsler had to say, it seems that may just be what will happen. “Revenge” will return to ABC in the fall with season 4.