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‘Revenge’ season 4 spoilers: Premiere episode title, onset photos

The stars gathered to read through the premiere episode of season 4 of "Revenge"
The stars gathered to read through the premiere episode of season 4 of "Revenge"Photo by Twitter/Sallie Patrick

The season 4 premiere of “Revenge” is a little more than 10 weeks away and while that sounds like an interminably long time, there is news coming out of the production area finally. In their July 12 report, K-Drama Stars shared a photo of the cover of the script for the season 4 premiere episode, “Renaissance”, from “Revenge” writer Sallie Patrick.

‘Revenge’ season 4 spoilers: Premiere episode title, onset photos
‘Revenge’ season 4 spoilers: Premiere episode title, onset photosPhoto by Twitter/Sallie Patrick

Patrick originally shared the photo via her Twitter account and captioned the post, “"It's happening... #revenge #season4 #renaissance." The writer also tagged stars and other writers on the show, including Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, Nick Wechsler, Ted Sullivan, Sunil Nayar and Gabriel Mann. We've got some photos from the table read of the episode in the slideshow, too.

What can we expect from the premiere? There aren’t any real details out there yet but if we take a look at what the word renaissance means, we might get a hint. According to the dictionary, a renaissance is a rekindled interest for a period of time in something that hasn’t been popular for a while. The word has often been used to describe periods in history of great growth or rebirth.

Naturally, what comes to mind with regard to our favorite psychological thriller, is that this has to be pointing to the reappearance of David Clarke. Clarke was believed dead, a victim of a jailhouse murder. He made a surprise appearance toward the end of the season 3 finale when he killed Conrad Grayson.

"The concept of bringing back David was something that we were hoping for and working toward for a lot of last season," Gretchen J. Berg, executive producer said in June. "So, there were a couple things we were like, 'Once that happens, once David Clarke comes back into our lives, there's certain stories we can't tell.' Since we have now started [walking down] such a new and exciting path I think everything seems so fresh."

Towards that end, the decision made was to bring Clark back. He is the one character above all the rest who could shake the unshakeable Emily Thorne to her core. His reappearance will also upset Victoria Grayson’s world and he’ll find himself caught between the two females he once loved most in the world.

As this is likely to be the last season of “Revenge” according to Air Herald, fans have high expectations. Will Emily be able to clear her father’s name? Will her reunion with her father be a joyful one? Where will Victoria fit into all of this? What about Charlotte, the love child of David and Victoria, - how will she react to news that Emily is her sister and was behind her kidnapping? Will Charlotte and David be reunited too? We’ll have to wait patiently for the September 28 premiere of season 4 of “Revenge” to find out.