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'Revenge' season 4 spoilers: Emily and Jack's relationship will change

On June 11 Wetpaint Entertainment posted new spoilers for the upcoming fourth season of the ABC drama "Revenge," about how Emily and Jack's relationship will change after the events of the season three finale. The game changing episode will affect the future of the characters in the Hamptons and force them to examine their past. The twenty-two episode season will premiere on ABC in the fall.

Emily Van Camp
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Emily Thorne (Emily Van Camp) lost her current love interest Aiden Mathis (Barry Sloane) in the season three finale, but managed to avenge him afterwards. However, Jack Porter has been her friend since childhood and there is a deep connection between the two. Now Emily, who is really Amanda Clarke, will spend the new season learning more about who she really is and could possibly encounter her father.

The show will be introducing a new character next season, who will be the main love interest for Emily. It seems a little soon since Aiden, but the new character should also shake things up between her and Jack. The character is described as "sexy, charming, and full of secrets" which fits the men that Emily has dated in the past like Daniel. The role has yet to be cast and not even a name has been released, but filming is expected to begin in the coming weeks.

TVLine revealed on June 11 that executive producer Aaron Harberts mentioned that Emily and Jack will get closer in the new season based on their past history. Now that Emily is exploring who Amanda Clarke really is, she will be spending a lot more time with Jack. However, Harberts warns that fans should not get their hopes up. The pair have to repair their friendship and get past all the lies and deceit.

Emily and Jack were close friends before she was taken away, and they were attracted to each other upon meeting once again as adults. Emily finally revealed her true identity to Jack so he wouldn't kill Conrad. Jack and Emily have been at odds for awhile due to Amanda's death, but tried to be friends for Jack's son. However, Jack eventually decided to help Emily in her revenge quest, but it may have been to much for him. Emily is not the same girl she was and she needs help getting back to who she was.

The fourth season will premiere in September 2014, and the season will be split in half to air until the spring of 2015. The twenty-two episode season will alter the story from Emily going after the Grayson family to Victoria Grayson going after Emily after she learns the truth. The appearance of David Clarke will also make this change more difficult, as both Emily and Victoria have their own issues to deal with now that he is back.

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