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‘Revenge’ season 4 spoilers: Cast and showrunners share teasers

What lies ahead in season 4 of "Revenge'
What lies ahead in season 4 of "Revenge'
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The explosive finale of season 3 of “Revenge” left fans with several surprises and months to wait for explanations. Thanks goodness for the following season 4 spoilers from members of the cast and show’s creators that were shared June 7 by International Business Times. Read on to find out how Emily Thorne, or should we start saying Amanda Clarke, will deal with the latest developments.

Executive producers Gretchen J. Berg and Aaron Harberts recently attended the 2014 ATX Festival held in Austin, TX. They shared intel on the surprising return of David Clarke and the wicked ways of Conrad Grayson. They also shared what is in store for the upcoming fourth season.

Berg said that just because Aiden is physically gone doesn’t mean he will full disappear. His memory will be kept alive. He meant a great deal to Emily and supported in her in ways no one else could because of their shared experiences.

Emily will also have to face some pretty harsh truths, according to Berg. Her character, whose instinct has always been to flee, will have to mature a great deal in season 4.

As the season unfolds, Emily will be wounded emotionally, reeling from the loss of Aiden. This is going to force her to take a hard look at who is as Amanda Clarke. It is also going to force her to look at how that impacts those she loves.

Harbarts addressed what lies ahead for Victoria Grayson. She’s obviously done some pretty terrible things in the past. She will eventually get out of the mental institution and when she does, Emily better be ready. Victoria will be gunning for her like never before. Harberts says Victoria will be out for blood.

Emily’s buddy Jack Porter is going to become an even greater force as he unleashes his inner darkness. Where his character goes from here will be quite interesting. Nick Wechsler, who portrays Jack, says the character’s feeling for Emily and his desire to see her get justice are going to put him in some morally complicated scenarios. Though he would never act immorally, he will definitely be on the wrong side of the law in some situations when the series returns.

The biggest question mark for fans is the character of David Clarke. The fact that he is alive and apparently not the same nice guy he once was, is going to have a significant effect on both Victoria and Emily. He is, of course, the reason the two are at war with one another. His storylines, no longer flashbacks, will help fill in some of the missing pieces, too.

These sesason4 spoilers for “Revenge” have us pretty excited. What about you? Which aspect of the show are you looking forward to most?

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