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'Revenge' season 4: New characters and dealing with the past

Elena Satine has been cast to play Louise on "Revenge"
Photo by Gustavo Caballero

The season 4 premiere of "Revenge" is quickly approaching and fans are looking forward to seeing what will happen with Emily Thorne. Another character they are interested in seeing is David Clarke, who was supposed to be dead. So what can viewers expect when the show returns? On Aug. 4, Liberty Voice revealed details about new characters and those that will have to deal with their past.

James Tupper, who has been in all three seasons of "Revenge" through flashbacks and memories was introduced on the season 3 finale as the living, breathing David Clarke. It was announced that he will come to season 4 as a series regular. There are rumors that he is going to be the new villain of the show. Fans are speculating that he won't be the man that Emily remembers. It was also revealed that he isn't the most emotionally or psychologically stable person, so that will definitely add to the suspense and drama.

Brian Hallisay is also joining the "Revenge" family. He will be playing Ben, a new cop in town. Fun-loving and easygoing, he is going to be drawn to Jack's world and the two will become friends. It was previously reported that he might be Emily's new love interest, but there is a chance that Jack and Emily could end up together. One detail that was released was that whoever her love interest is, he will try to get in between her and Jack.

Elena Satine has been cast as Louise. She is a young woman who is considered the black sheep of her wealthy Southern family. Slightly unhinged, but who has the best intentions, she will cause some trouble.

There are a lot of questions on what will happen in "Revenge" season 4. So far it has been revealed that Emily will try living in truth. She will also attempt to figure out exactly who she is and Jack will be helping her with that. She will also have to face the consequences of the things she has done.

With David Clarke being alive, one has to wonder why he is appearing now and where he has been. Why did he abandon Emily without letting her know in some way that he was alive. Emily has spent a lot of time avenging his death and trying to clear his name. She will most likely be angry with him.

It is being said that David might have some issues with Emily, who is the real Amanda Clarke. If Victoria gets to him first, she could control and manipulate him. This might cause a lot of problems for Emily. It might be a hint that he has no clue that she is his daughter. Perhaps Victoria will tell him that Amanda is dead and Emily was responsible for the crime? That would certainly get Emily on his bad side.

What do you think is going to happen on "Revenge" season 4? Fans don't have to wait long to find out. The season premiere is scheduled to air on Sept. 28.

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