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'Revenge' season 4: Executive producer reveals character details

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

"Revenge" season 4 is coming up quickly and fans are looking for more information on what to expect. On Aug. 14, Spoilers Guide posted an interview with executive producer Sunil Nayar. The interview revealed what to expect from Emily Thorne, David Clarke and some other characters.

Emily Thorne is actually Amanda Clarke, but she has taken on the new identity so long that she doesn't know who Amanda really is. This season, she will try living in truth and dealing with the things that she has done. She will also be on a journey to figure out who she really is.

Even with her struggles, when the new season starts, Emily is going to be in a great place. She not only took care of Conrad and Victoria, she managed to clear her father's name. However, no matter how much one tries to get out, it is not a world that lets anyone out.

As for Emily and her father, fans are going to be surprised by the dynamic between the two as they get to know each other. Both are going to have questions about each other, but there will also be information. He revealed that they have an unbreakable connection, but how it plays out in the present will be completely different.

Emily won't be the only person who will change on "Revenge" season 4. Victoria Grayson will also be going through it. She has been next to Conrad for so many years, now that he is gone, what does it mean for her to finally be free?

David Clarke was also discussed. Fans want to know more about him and find out where he went and what he did while he was "dead." He has been where he was for so long that it will be interesting to see what being back in the world means for him. Also, don't expect to learn all about David right away. Sunil said,

"It’s a bit of a slow burn. There’s so much that we want to slowly mine and we want our audience learning who David is along with our characters in some ways, so we didn’t feel like burning off a lot of the story because we have some wonderful story to tell, but it’ll be a slow burn. You’ll get your answers in sort of little bits and pieces, where he’s been and what he’s done over the last ten years."

As for Daniel and Jack, viewers are going to enjoy where they are at when the show returns. They will be going through what the other characters are going through, finding out who they really want to be. Jack will definitely be answering that question while Daniel will struggle with it.

Charlotte will have some anger because right now she believes it was Jack who kidnapped her. Fans are going to see her be an independent woman, informed by the world around her and she will learn a lot about the people she knows. Nayar said she has an amazing journey and fans should look forward to what she will be doing this year.

There will also be some new characters in the Hamptons when the show returns. Brian Hallisay will be playing Ben Hunter and Elena Santine has been cast as Louise Ellis. Not much is known about Ben except that he is a police officer and gets connected to Jack. The character of Louise has more details. She comes from Southern money and is considered the black sheep of her family. She is a bit unhinged, but for the most part is a burst of life that will be brought into the Grayson world.

Are you looking forward to "Revenge" season 4 to air? The new season will premiere on ABC on Sept. 28.

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