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‘Revenge’ season 4: EPs on Victoria’s revenge, Jack and Emily, new character

‘Revenge’ season 4: EPs on Victoria’s revenge, Jack and Emily, new character
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

So much happened in the season 3 finale of “Revenge” that it’s hard to know which aspect we’re looking forward to most when the show returns in the fall. Towards the end of the season, there were inklings of a possible rekindling of the romance between Emily and Jack – at least on Jack’s part. Of course there was that jaw-dropping revelation about David Clarke to contend with, too. And what Victoria will do when the full weight of who Emily has done and who she really is boggles the mind. According to a June 17 report on K Drama Stars, Victoria’s version of revenge will be intense.

Executive producer Aaron Harberts talked about the David Clarke situation and how it will affect both Victoria and Emily. “David will eventually be caught in the middle of that battle. He's going to cause a lot of problems because he's at a point where these two women's lives intersect." Will he be forced to choose sides between the former lover who betrayed him and the daughter who has been fighting to clear his name?

Victoria has indeed figured out who Emily is really is. She also demonstrated just how far she’s willing to go to p8unish Emily when she killed Emily’s love interest, Aiden, herself. Harberts described how Victoria will continue to react to Emily.

"She's done terrible things, she's obviously a very wounded and messed up character, but at the end of the day, when she manages to get out, she's going to be setting her sights on Emily ... That's going to be quite a drive, because we did see how Victoria reacted when 'Amanda Clarke' was out in the world, and she was bad to her ... but when she actually takes stock of all the horribly awful things Emily has done and all the chaos she's rained down on the Grayson family, she's gonna be pissed, and she'll come out swinging. As Emily is trying to create a new, more positive life for herself, as she tries to move forward, Victoria is going to be coming up behind her."

Executive producer Sunil Nayar suggested fans will get to see Emily and Jack rekindle their relationship. They had been on the outs earlier in the season when she revealed her true identity to him and he realized how much he’d lost because of her quest for revenge. Still, by the end of season 3, they were more or less allies and Jack may have been feeling some romantic feelings towards Emily. Though the circumstances aren’t great, given Emily will be grieving over Aiden, Nayar explains that’s how things tend to work out in real life.

A new character will added in season 4 according to a report on International Business Times. The character is described as a childhood friend of Jack’s who is coping with some PTSD issues from his days in the military. Rumors are rampant that the new guy could be a love interest for Emily but we doubt that. It’s too soon after Aiden and we already know she and Jack are destined to grow closer. So who is this guy?

According to the release, the character changing his “short-term visit to the Hamptons” something of a more permanent thing when Jack experiences a life-changing event? We wonder what that could mean. Perhaps his military skills will be of use to Emily in her quest to put Victoria behind bars for good.

“Revenge” is set to start season 4 in the fall. We’ll keep bringing season 4 spoilers for the show as soon as we get them so check back often!

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