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'Revenge' season 4: Emily will try 'living in truth'

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

Season 4 of "Revenge" is definitely going to be different than the previous seasons, especially now that Emily Thorne has gotten her revenge. So what can fans expect from the show when it returns in September? On July 15, E! Online posted a small spoiler and it turns out that Emily will try living in truth.

There are reports that "Revenge" season 4 could be the last, so viewers are expecting it to be amazing. As for Emily Thorne, the spoiler report stated that she is going to try to leave the lies behind her and attempt to live in truth. It certainly won't be easy, Emily will have to deal with the consequences of her actions. She will have to own up and take responsibility, which includes Charlotte. It was also revealed that there will not be a time jump when the "Revenge" season 4 premiere airs.

As fans already know, David Clarke is alive, which is something that many suspected. How will Emily deal with this, knowing all of the time and work she put into getting revenge for him? She would probably do it again, but to find out that her father has been alive all of this time will be a shock to her. She might even feel some anger towards him.

Another question is does he know that she is his daughter? She has been living life not as Amanda Clarke, but as Emily Thorne. Is he aware that she is the real Amanda or does he believe that his little girl is dead? If he doesn't know, will she tell him right away or not?

There are so many questions and hopefully season 4 of "Revenge" will bring answers. What are your theories on Emily Thorne and David Clarke? Do you think Emily will be able to live in truth or will something happen that will have her trying to get revenge once again?

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