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'Revenge' season 4: Did Conrad really die?

Henry Czerny plays Conrad Grayson on "Revenge"
Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

The season 3 finale of "Revenge" was explosive and with the news that the show has been renewed for a fourth season, fans are excited to find out what will happen next. On the last episode of the season, Conrad was stabbed and many viewers assumed that he died. However, a May 13 report by Hollywood Hills teased that Conrad might have survived.

Nothing is set in stone yet because it is too early, but TV Line spoke with "Revenge" showrunner Sunil Nayer. In the interview, Nayar said that they are starting to talk about season 4 and nobody actually saw Conrad die. He doesn't want to lose actor Henry Czerny and the character of Conrad. Nayar didn't say for certain whether Conrad survived or not, so right now this is just talk.

Other "Revenge" season 4 speculation include Emily Thorne's mother possible returning. E! Online asked the showrunner a question a fan had about David's return and Emily's mother possibly coming back. The answer was that Kara is still out there and she has come up during conversations, so it could happen. Nayar did say that the fourth season of "Revenge" is going to focus on the nature of Emily's family. Kara is a character that they have been discussing, but they haven't figure out the storylines surrounding her yet.

The question of Victoria has also come up. Emily could have gotten rid of her for good by killing her. However, on the season finale she did not. Instead, she had her committed to the psych ward. As to why Emily didn't kill Victoria, Nayar told TV Line,

"That's sort of what Emily's always been about, the death by 1,000 cuts; human suffering is a much greater revenge than just the emptiness of death. Especially after what Victoria did, Emily wants this woman to live, but live miserably, as opposed to dying."

The showrunner also said that in season 4, Victoria will have a lot of anger and feelings of revenge in regards to Pascal's death. Spoiler reports posted recently revealed that the upcoming season will not have Emily narrating, but it will be Victoria's voice fans will hear. So even though she is currently in a mental hospital, she will be planning her revenge. He also had this to say,

"Everyone has to look at the world around them - Emily, Victoria, Daniel - and they all have to think, 'Well, we're complicit in the things that make us unhappy,' and that's something we want to look at in Season 4. That also led us to bringing David Clarke back, but in a way that you'd never expect."

What do you think will happen in "Revenge" season 4? Is Conrad really dead and could Emily's mother return? How will Victoria's storyline be played out when the show returns?

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