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'Revenge' season 4: David Clarke's storyline

Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe star in "Revenge"
Emily VanCamp and Madeleine Stowe star in "Revenge"
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Fans are excited for season 4 of "Revenge" to air on ABC. One character that viewers are most interested in learning more about is David Clarke. On the season 3 finale, fans saw the character appear. So what is going to happen with Emily's father? On Aug. 5, Enstars revealed some interesting information.

David Clarke is supposed to be dead, but in a surprising twist, he has turned up alive and well. What is interesting is that after Emily got revenge on the Grayson's and worked to clear his name, he suddenly showed up. However, Emily, Victoria and the others don't know that David is alive yet.

What is known is that in the first part of season 4, both Emily and Victoria will try to control David. Executive producer Aaron Harberts said recently that whoever gets to him first will be able to manipulate and control him. Most fathers would immediately side with their children, but fans have to prepare themselves for the chance that he doesn't know Emily is the real Amanda Clarke.

If Victoria is able to control David, then she could easily put it in his head that Emily is the enemy. She never cared for Emily and her marriage to Daniel and faking a pregnancy really threw her for a loop. But the last straw was putting Victoria in a psych ward and that will no doubt make Mrs. Grayson very angry. So angry that she will do whatever it takes to make Emily pay.

But if Emily gets to David first, she could either let him know that she is really Amanda or she might choose to keep that card to herself for a while. She could let him know everything she has done to try to clear his name and get revenge on those who did him wrong. But if David is to be controlled, what will she do with that?

It was recently revealed that David Clarke is not emotionally or psychologically stable. Spoiler reports have also stated that he will not be the man Emily remembers. Where has he been, what has happened to him and how has he changed? E!Online wrote that David's return will push Emily's buttons and rock her world. During season 4, Emily will be figuring out who Amanda is and her new life with him in it. Harberts gave a major clue that David and Emily will have some sort of relationship, but he wouldn't say when it would happen, but did say that it is the arc for the season.

There are a lot of questions and hopefully fans will receive satisfying answers. The "Revenge" season 4 premiere will air on ABC on Sept. 28.

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