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'Revenge' season 3: Two deaths, jail time and a visit to the psych ward

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The season finale of "Revenge" is coming up quickly and viewers are wondering what is going to happen. On April 20, Fashion & Style revealed that there may be a death on the final episode of season 3. However, that may not be the only death. It has been hinted that there could be another character to bite the dust before then. Fans can also look forward to seeing someone go to jail and a character to visit the psych ward.

It's not uncommon for television shows to kill off a character on season finale episodes and it turns out that the final episode of "Revenge" season 3 will do just that. Actress Emily VanCamp recently said that she was crying over the death of a character on the season finale. A lot of fans are saying that there are only a few people her character is close to and wondering if she was crying over the death of Jack or Nolan. However, VanCamp could have been referring to herself crying, not her character, so her tears could be over any of the actors on the show.

However, the season finale of "Revenge" will not show the only death. E! Online reported that another "substantial death" will happen before the final episode. It was also written that someone will spend their last hours behind bars and they do not handle it very well. Not much else was revealed about the death, but a sneak peek for "Revenge" season 3, episode 20, which airs this Sunday may give a hint.

The upcoming episode is titled "Revolution" and a sneak peek shows Pascal asking Victoria to marry him, but he is kidnapped. Emily tells him that she wants the Grayson's, but Victoria knows that she is getting revenge for David Clarke. Even though Queen V doesn't realize that Emily is really Amanda Clarke, David's daughter, she is starting to piece things together and may find out soon. The most shocking part of the clip is Victoria and Emily running through a building, as if they are fleeing from someone.

Even though both women are running in the same building, they are not together. Eventually Emily ends up on what appears to be the roof and she peers over the edge. She looks shocked at what she sees and a blood-curdling scream is heard. The face of the voice is not seen, but it sounds like Victoria. If that scream belongs to her, could that mean that she may be the next death?

It has also been revealed that a character will visit the psych ward on "Revenge." When Emily's blackouts were still happening, it was speculated that she would end up being hospitalized. However, her blackouts are over now, which brings up the possibility of other characters being admitted to a mental hospital.

Fans will have to wait until April 27 to see what will happen on "Revenge" season 3, episode 20. The season finale will air two weeks following that. Which characters do you think are going to die? Who is screaming and why does Emily look so shocked? Do you have any ideas on who will go to jail and which character ends up in a psych ward?

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