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‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: Fans will not see ‘Payback’ until March

Emily VanCamp
Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images

Revenge” is the kind of show that always shocks viewers and has them anxious for more. “Hatred” left fans with a lot of anticipation as to what is going on with Emily Thorne Grayson. Unfortunately, everyone will have to wait a bit to see what happens next! Wet Paint shared spoilers on Jan. 20 for the upcoming episode titled “Payback.”

“Payback” is not scheduled to air until March 9. This will give fans plenty of time to think about all that has happened so far on season 3. In the previews, viewers see Victoria Grayson confronting Emily once again. She is asking her more questions about her past and where she came from. Most importantly she wants to know why Emily is still here.

Daniel is seen saying he thinks his “wife” is working with his father, Conrad. Everyone saw on Sunday that it appears Emily ended up in bed with Conrad Grayson. How will the two work together to further each other’s agenda?

Conrad’s ex-wife will also be facing Victoria and fans will hopefully discover why she has returned. Emily continues to lose control and is seen in the promo telling Nolan she will kill them all.

Things are undoubtedly going to get more intense and leave everyone with more questions, jaw dropping moments and anticipation as the season continues towards the sure to be epic season finale.

The new episode of “Revenge” will air Sunday March 9 at a new time of 9 P.M. CST.

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