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'Revenge' season 3 spoilers: Could Aiden be on his way out?

Could Aiden be on his way out on ABC's "Revenge?"
Photo by Paul A. Hebert/Getty Images

On Feb. 12 Latinos Post shares that actor Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden on ABC's "Revenge" could be on his way out soon because he's been given the green light to accept other projects outside of Revenge. Sloane is the top casting choice for several other series, including ABCs "The Visitors" among others.

Now that Emily has learned about Aiden's tryst with Niko, Takada's daughter, she has had her fill and is no longer in the loving mood. Because of Emily's accident she has been having blackout spells and does things that she doesn't always remember, like bedding Conrad Grayson, her husband's father. Now that Niko has a clue as to who really killed her father, she may do away with Aiden as well as she avenges his death.

Sloane was given the option to return for season four of "Revenge" if it is picked up for another season which show creators fully expect. Aiden isn't finished in season three yet, so fans will still get to see him before the end of this season. Because Emily is on the outs with him and he doesn't have any friends left in the Hamptons, Aiden's leaving could be the best thing for his character.

Conrad's first wife, Stevie, will be making her entrance to stir up trouble, and gets in good with Jack while she's at it. This will likely cause all kinds of trouble for the Grayson family, which could end up pulling Aiden in deeper if Stevie enlists his help.

What do you think of Aiden leaving "Revenge?" If he does, who do you think would be the likely culprit that kills him or will he leave on his own accord?

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