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‘Revenge’ season 3 spoiler flashback reveals why Aiden is brooding, photos

The cast of season 3 of ABC's 'Revenge'
The cast of season 3 of ABC's 'Revenge'
Photos by AMC Promotional

Revenge” is going to provide fans with a flashback that will explain Aiden’s brooding nature when the series returns this spring. It looks as if season 3 will be chock full of flashback goodness as we can also expect to learn about the beginnings of the love triangle between Victoria, Conrad and Margaux’’s dad, Pascal. According to a Feb. 5 post on Wetpaint.

‘Revenge’ season 3 spoiler flashback reveals why Aiden is brooding, photos
Photos by ABC Promotional

In season 2, we were forced to put up with a lot of drivel relating to The Imitative. Like it or not, the organization forced Aiden’s father to plant the bomb on flight 197 – the one Emily’s dad took the wrap for. They were also the ones behind the kidnaping and murder of Aiden’s sister.

Given all that, Aiden has plenty to be brooding about. It seems that is troubles actually started when he was much younger. We’re going to see a 12 year old Aiden in some of those flashbacks as he is "witnessing a traumatic event."

Will this explain Aiden completely or merely set the stage for yet another new revenge plot twist? Either way sounds good to us! What do you think about Aiden’s tragic past and the upcoming flashback?

“Revenge” returns on Sunday, March 9 on ABC. IN the meantime, enjoy some newly released promotional photos of the cast that ABC just released.

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