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'Revenge' season 3 returns in convoluted mess: Emily's broken, but applying glue

"Revenge" season 3 returns and the plot is getting so convoluted that it's hard to follow.
"Revenge" season 3 returns and the plot is getting so convoluted that it's hard to follow.
ABC Revenge

“Revenge” season 3 continued on Sunday night with a new episode titled “Endurance.” It opens with Emily at the Grayson’s recuperating from her bullet wounds in her stomach.

The Atlanta Black Star on Jan 12, suggests that Emily is “physically and mentally broken.” She finds out that she can no longer have kids because when Daniel shot her twice in the stomach, there was too much damage done. She gets the devastating news from Victoria, which adds insult to injury.

Daniel has turned into a Grayson through and through and considering what Emily has been up to in the last several episodes, she is not far behind him. The fans find out that Aiden has done the same thing to another girl that he did to Emily. He left her and promised to return, but didn’t until years later.

Emily breaks it off with Aiden and he takes it well. He heads back to the other girl. Daniel despises Emily, but she doesn’t care, she staying on as Mrs. Daniel Grayson no matter what. She remembers that it was Daniel who shot her, but offers a $10 million reward for Lydia telling the media it was Conrad’s girlfriend who pulled the trigger.

It is getting hard to follow who is doing what to whom in “Revenge” these days as with Patrick and Nolan. Is Patrick like the Grayson family or is he a good guy? Just when you think you have figured it out he changes.

While Emily literally forces herself on the Grayson family, her life is just a mess. Previews show her catching Daniel in bed with his old girlfriend next week. It also shows him roughing her up physically, but she comes back for more. She’s lost Aiden and she’s lost Daniel. She's also probably lost Jack, while still around and with someone else, he doesn’t put too much trust in things Emily says.

Where will this convoluted mess take Emily next? It looks like she’ll be starting over in square one. What did you think of the debacle that “Revenge” has now created?

Does anyone think that it has just gone too far with the intrigue and mystery to the point that it’s become too transparent? If you think about it, everyone in the Grayson family keeps getting shot or shot at, no one family could have that much bad luck.

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