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'Revenge' season 3: New character named Brandon may spell trouble

Madeleine Stowe plays Victoria on "Revenge"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

"Revenge" season 3 will return on March 9 from its long break. There have been reports of several new characters that will debut when the second half airs. However, a March 3 post by E!Online reveals that there is one more to add to the list.

Warning: If you do not want to know possible spoilers for "Revenge" season 3, then stop reading.

The new character is named Brandon and he will not be appearing until episode 20, which is the season finale. The actor who has been cast to play the part has not yet been announced. Brandon is described as,

"... one of Victoria's terrifying and manipulative henchmen. He's creepy and dangerous, but his good looks and charm lets him fit right in at any Hampton soiree."

It sounds like Emily will have someone else to watch out for.

Other new characters that will be introduced in the second half of "Revenge" season 3 include Conrad's first wife, Stevie, who will create some serious tension with Victoria. Margaux's father, Pascal, will also be introduced and he is being described as a cutthroat business who has a history with Conrad of a competitive nature. He also has a complicated history with Victoria. Also, Javier will be making his debut as Nolan's new house guest who becomes involved with Charlotte.

Which new character are you most interested in seeing on "Revenge" season 3? What do you think will happen with Victoria's henchman, Brandon?

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