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'Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers: Will Daniel Grayson die?

'Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers: Will Daniel Grayson die?
'Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers: Will Daniel Grayson die?
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Anyone can die on “Revenge” as we’ve seen already and now it seems there is a good chance the next death could belong to Daniel Grayson, perhaps as part of the season finale. According to Latin Times on Feb. 21, even Josh Bowman, the actor playing Daniel is behind the idea.

Josh Bowman is considering leaving the show in spite of the fact that his girlfriend Emily Van Camp, is the star of the show, Emily Thorne. Showrunner Sunil Nayyar addressed some comments Bowman made earlier in the season regarding his character’s fate.

"Josh had gotten himself into a space because he knew he was doing this storyline that I think that some of the darkness was in there in a way, so that when he was speaking to people, he had just such a commitment to where his character was going that I think he, in his mind, just let it go to the nth degree...Coming out of it, anybody could die on "Revenge" at any time, so it wasn't an insane thing to say, but we love Josh and obviously we have plans for his character."

Josh Bowman has said publicly that it would be fine with him if they killed off his character ‘Daniel’ on “Revenge.” He’s even trying to convince the showrunners that this is a good idea.

"I'm trying to pitch a Daniel death by the end of the season," Bowman revealed to TV Guide. "I love working on the show, but I'm just being honest. My character has flip-flopped the most, and it's been so hard for me to play."

In the beginning, Daniel was a young man with starry-eyed dreams of doing the right thing – a real wide-eyed innocent. As the drama has unfolded over the last 2 and half seasons, Daniel has learned exactly what his parents, Victoria and Conrad Grayson have been capable of and he has seen his own morals and ethics fail the test on more than one occasion. Most recently, he shot his own wife and began cheating on her with Sara, bringing his mistress into the he shared with Emily.

Others have died, including the beloved Declan Porter, brother of Jack and baby daddy to Charlotte Grayson, who later lost the baby. Is killing off Daniel really so far-fetched?

There is the recent promo video where Emily tells Nolan she’s going to “kill them all.” The shooting he was responsible for left her unable to ever have children of her own. In addition to all his family has done to her, this certainly adds motivation.

In the words of Nayyar, “She definitely wants to take the Graysons down. That will never be a mission that leaves her. But with Victoria knowing who she is [or rather who she isn't] and as we play things out coming back, [Emily] understands that the way she has to go about it is going to be completely different than the way that she has done it in the past.”

"Revenge" returns on Sunday, March 9 on ABC.

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