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‘Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers from Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, writers

‘Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers from Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, writers
‘Revenge' season 3 finale spoilers from Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann, writers
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

The writers and cast of ABC’s “Revenge” have been teasing that the season 3 finale of the series is going to be “epic” according to Fashion N Style on April 21. Emily VanCamp and Gabriel Mann who play Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross respectively on the show along with the writers have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the season 3 finale.

Rumors have abounded that someone close to Emily is going to die, someone close enough to her to cause her to cry over the death. With her identity compromised, it will be harder for Emily to exact the kind of revenge she has been after. Will the finale bring everything to a head? Will the Graysons finally get their just desserts?

VanCamp teased back on March 20 what fans could expect from the end of the season. Fans are hoping she gets closer to finally taking down some of the Graysons for the framing and death of David Clarke, the father of VanCamp’s TV character. However, if she takes them all down, the show would either have to end or she would have to discover someone else even more complicit in the plot in order for the show to go on.

The actress told fans they would not be disappointed by the final episode. Here’s the text of the tweet:

"To all of the #REVENGE fans out there, I just read our final episode of the season and you will NOT be disappointed! Epic end to the season!"

Gabriel Mann got into the act with a retweet from “Revenge” writer Ted Sullivan on April 8, "Wish I could tell u what's around the bend in Finale. But @lcotskeet & Joe Fazio wrote perhaps best #revenge ever."

Then, on April 13, Mann shared the most unsettling news so far via Twitter.

"Real talk..the next four eps of @revenge are about to deliver a S3 finale so big I haven't even been able to talk about it #NoJoke #GetSome."

Finally, on April 16, Mann teased, "This is war..S3 finale is coming."

The latest tweet from the “Revenge” writers’ room account on Twitter says only "Someone. Has. To. Pay."

Filming wrapped earlier this month but the finale won’t be seen until May 11. VanCamp tweeted she was done filming for season 3 on April 8.

If you don’t follow the show’s Facebook page, then you may have missed the teaser posted there that asks "Is Victoria on to Emily? Find out when #Revenge returns next Sunday!"

"Revenge" episode 20, titled "Revolution" returns to ABC on Sunday, April 27 at 10 p.m.

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