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‘Revenge’ season 3 finale spoiler, promo roundup: Who dies in ‘Execution’?

The season 3 finale of “Revenge” is just around the corner. With the recent plot twist concerning Conrad in the last episode, this finale promises to be spectacular. On May 4, Wetpaint shared the promo for the next week’s finale titled “Execution” but we also have the synopsis and a new sneak peek to inform us on just what’s ahead and what’s ahead looks like the clash of the titans Hampton’s style.

Emily and Victoria face off in the season 3 finale of ‘Revenge’
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)

In the promo, Victoria can be heard speaking. These could be excerpts from multiple scenes. In one she says, "The second I laid my eyes on you, I knew something was wrong. Now this is where it all ends." In the other she says chillingly, "You were running around under a false identity. You won't get away with this. You are Amanda Clarke."

It seems Victoria (Madeleine Stowe) has finally figured out who Emily (Emily VanCamp) really is. This stuff is about to get real.

According to the official synopsis, the two women are finally going to have it out. See for yourself.

"Emily goes all in on her mission to avenge her father on the season finale. Nothing is off limits as Emily and Victoria are dead set on destroying each other. Lives will be lost and fates will be altered, but who will rise victorious?"

In the sneak peek, also shared by Wetpaint, it looks as if Emily has gone to the cabin of the creepy man with the weird fixation on David Clarke lives. Jack showed Emily the ring he took from creepy guy’s cabin in the last episode and she was certain it was her dad’s.

While she’s busy snooping, creepy launches a surprise attack on Emily, forcing Em to defend herself. She wins the hand-to-hand confrontation but not before being stabbed in the leg with a needle. The “Execution” sneak peek doesn’t go on long enough for us to find out what’s in the needle. We’re hoping it is nothing more than tranquilizer but even that doesn’t sound good.

So who dies in the season 3 finale of “Revenge”? Obviously we don’t know and couldn’t tell you if we did but we do have some clues, thanks to Fashion and Style.

According to their post, Emily VanCamp talked about the finale recently, saying, "Today, I was sobbing over the death of one of our characters. Then I'm going to do a massive fight sequence. You sort of put yourself through these emotional journeys."

Emily isn’t one to “sob” easily so the death has to be meaningful to her. Naturally, many think of Jack Porter and Nolan Ross because both are close to Emily and have helped her a great deal.

Earlier this year, Josh Bowman said he wouldn’t be unhappy if his character were killed off the show. Bowman, the real-life boyfriend of VanCamp, tweeted in March, "To all of the #REVENGE fans out there, I just read our final episode of the season and you will NOT be disappointed! Epic end to the season!"

Let’s not forget that Barry Sloane is moving on to ABC’s “The Visitors” according to TV Line. At the time of the announcement in February by TV Line, Sloane’s participation in a fourth season of “Revenge” had not yet been determined. There is no word on that now, either so this would be a way to write him out of the show if he’s not coming back.

F&S went on to share another tantalizing spoiler. They acknowledged there will be a major character death but also said “another pretty substantial death will go down before it, with someone spending the final hour in jail and let's just say they don't handle it well.”

The implication is that there will be 2 deaths in the finale. Obviously Conrad is currently in jail so he seems an obvious choice but the words “pretty substantial” in the spoiler seem to imply a lesser character. Conrad is not a lesser character. Charlotte Grayson, her boyfriend Javier and Margaux are possibilities.

The season 3 finale airs on Sunday, May 11 at 10 p.m. Are you as stoked to see it as we are? Who do you think will die?

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