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'Revenge' Season 3 finale speculation: Who dies and who ends up in jail?

Emily VanCamp
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Revenge” has had many twists and turns throughout Season 3. From Emily's blackouts to Jack finding out Stevie Grayson is his mother, things have never been more complicated. In just a few weeks the Season 3 finale will air. It is called “Execution,” which leads to fans to various speculations. According to a March 21 report from E! Online, one of fans' favorite characters will be in prison, someone will end up dead, and there will be a visit to a psych ward. This is a lot of information to decode, but speculations have already begun forming.

The fan-favorite who is in jail has to be either Jack or Charlotte. While there isn't really much to speculate on why, fans can rule out the possibility of it being Nolan or Emily. Emily needs to stay present for the show to continue, and Nolan has already done the prison thing. Jack is the obvious choice, but Charlotte is plausible. As for the character who dies, Aiden is the likely choice. It was revealed months ago that he would be leaving the series. There aren't many details about how he will die, but fans hope it is while he is being Emily's hero. The psych ward patient could be any one of the characters. From Conrad Grayson to Stevie Grayson, all of the “Revenge” characters need a little attention from medical professionals.

Season 3 of “Revenge” has been the most revealing yet. Emily is so close to her goal of exacting revenge on the family who destroyed her father, but she may not be able to follow through with it. Tune into the Season 3 finale of “Revenge” to find out who ends up in jail, who dies, and who does time in the psych ward.

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