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'Revenge' season 3 finale preview: Does Victoria know the truth about Emily?

Is the truth coming out in next week's "Revenge" season 3 finale? It looks that way, at least according to the promo ABC released on Sunday, May 4, for "Execution," but are both Emily and Victoria in for an even bigger surprise?

'Revenge' season 3 finale photos for "Execution"
ABC/Colleen Hayes, used with permission
'Revenge' season 3 finale "Execution"
ABC/Colleen Hayes, used with permission

The latest episode was maybe one of the biggest ones of the series so far, as Emily turned out to be the one responsible for kidnapping Charlotte, but what she did ultimately led to quite the success. She forced Charlotte to see the truth about Conrad, so when Jack let her go, she confronted him and Conrad admitted to everything while threatening her, only for it to have already been live-streamed thanks to a camera on Charlotte's jacket. With that, Conrad was arrested, and while Victoria was still free, Emily wasn't done yet, as she told Conrad at his cell. However, Victoria did some more digging about Emily herself, and she may have stumbled across the truth.

In this next "Revenge" episode, "Nothing is off limits as Emily and Victoria are dead set on destroying each other. Lives will be lost and fates will be altered, but who will rise victorious?"

Other than the quick flashes you have to pause to determine what's going on in them, the "Execution" promo is all about Emily and Victoria. "The second I laid eyes on you, I knew something was wrong, and now this is where it all ends," Victoria tells Emily as the latter digs a grave. "You've been running around under a false identity. You won't get away with this. You are Amanda Clarke!" But considering this is in the promo, there has to be more to it – and there has to be some big shock coming that's nowhere in this preview since this is the season finale, right?

Also coming up in this episode, it looks like Emily checks out that cabin, someone gets stabbed, there's something going on at the Stowaway that has everyone, but especially Emily, shocked and so much more. Plus, don't forget to check out the slideshow to see the promotional photos ABC has released from this episode. They all show Victoria and Emily graveside.

"Revenge" season 3 ends Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC. What do you think of the finale "Execution" photos and promo?

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