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'Revenge' season 3 finale: Expect major deaths and shocking twists

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

The "Revenge" season 3 finale is airing on Sunday night and fans of the show are looking forward to seeing what will happen. There have been quite a few spoilers on the upcoming episode and on May 9, TV Guide posted what viewers can expect. Look forward to major deaths and shocking twists on the finale, which is titled "Execution."

Emily won one battle when she managed to put Conrad behind bars. Her method of kidnapping Charlotte to get it done was unorthodox, but it worked. However, she isn't done yet. Emily still has to deal with Victoria, but a sneak peek for the episode reveals that David Clarke's daughter could encounter a few more roadblocks.

One sneak peek for "Execution" reveals that Victoria knows that Emily is really Amanda Clarke. Being exposed could ruin Emily's plans. She tells Victoria that she should die because she destroys everyone who gets close to her. Victoria responds,

"Just like your father?"

However, fans shouldn't worry about Emily too much. The show was renewed for a fourth season, so the main character needs to stay alive. Although the preview seems to indicate that Victoria has Emily cornered, Ms. Thorne always has a plan. How will she get out of this situation and make sure that Victoria keeps quiet about her real identity?

It has been teased for a while now that the "Revenge" season 3 finale will have a major character death. There is a lot of speculation on which character will go, but actress Emily VanCamp reportedly sobbed over the loss of this co-star. Who could end up dying on the final episode of the season? Whoever it is, spoiler reports have stated that the loss will surprising and have a major impact. The death will drastically change things for all of the characters of the show.

One death on the season finale is for sure, but there are other reports that the "Execution" episode will have multiple people losing their lives. WetPaint wrote that Daniel Grayson is in peril. Several months ago TV Guide wrote that actor Josh Bowman was pitching the death of Daniel to producers. Nothing more was said about the subject, so all fans can do is speculate on whether he was successful or not.

E! Online reported that Emily is going to get the best news of her life, but she will also get the worst. She will get into some trouble when she looks around a cabin. However, another sneak peek shows that Emily isn't going to get beaten down easily. She has an intense fight scene with one of Victoria's henchmen.

The "Revenge" season 3 finale is reportedly going to execute its most shocking twist ever. According to TV Guide, showrunner Sunil Nayar promises that the season finale will pay off for all three seasons. Fans should pay special attention to the last two scenes because those will blow audience's minds. The showrunner also stated that "Revenge" season 4 will be completely different and interestingly enough, used the word "reincarnation" to describe it. Could that be a hint that David Clarke is really alive? Fans will have to wait to find out.

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