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'Revenge' season 3 finale: Executive producer Sunil Nayar reveals all

James Tupper
Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for NBCUniversal

Last night fans of "Revenge" were totally shocked by how it all ended. On Sunday, EW shared what Executive Producer Sunil Nayar had to say about the way it all went down last night. The finale was already filmed and ready before they got their pick up for season four. She realizes fans would have been really upset had it ended like this so they can rest easy. "Revenge" will be back in the fall for season four.

Obviously David Clarke is alive and well. His name has also been cleared. That doesn't mean that the revenge is over though. Emily was head over heels in love with Aiden and planned to start a life with him. Now that she knows Victoria is responsible for his death she is out to get her. She had her committed, but you can easily assume that is just the start of things.

She shared that yes David Clarke is back, but of course he is not the same man he was at all. Now he is a different person, but of course he loved Amanda more than anyone and that will change everything. Once she finds out that he is back again things are going to change.

One big spoiler that she shares is that she isn't admitting if Conrad is dead or alive. Sunil pointed out that it looks like he is on the verge of death but they are not showing that he is dead yet. You never know what will happen. Aiden is dead and Conrad could end up that way too. Also Jack and Emily now have a chance to have a relationship.

Zap 2 It shared what Nick Wechsler, who plays Jack, had to say about the finale. He says you can easily assume that David has known what his daughter has been up to and that is an interesting thing to look into. Viewers want to know if he is okay with what she did or upset about it. He personally thinks that Conrad's death is going to stick and he will be dead.

Don't miss "Revenge" when it returns in the fall of 2014. This will be back on ABC. It will be the 4th season of the show.

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