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'Revenge' season 3 finale 'Execution': 2 deaths, 1 surprise return, 2 takedowns

'Revenge' season 3 finale 'Execution': 2 deaths, 1 surprise return, 2 takedowns
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The season 3 finale of “Revenge” was jaw-dropping with its 2 major character deaths, the surprise return of another and a wicked ending that already has us clamoring for season 4. Hollywood Life recapped the show on May 11 and recounted the face-off between Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) in exquisite detail. If you haven’t watched, there are season 3 finale spoilers ahead.

Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Emily were watching events unfold as Conrad (Henry Czerny) was being taken down for his part in her father’s framing and death. Emily studied the ring that Jack (Nick Wechsler) had brought her and she and Aiden renewed their love. They shared a tender, celebratory moment but that was before all hell broke loose.

Victoria and Margaux (Karine Vanasse) saw Pascal’s body off for his funeral back in Paris. Margaux was focused on finding out who was behind her father’s death while Victoria was more concerned with the fates of Conrad and Emily.

Margaux named Daniel her second in command of the empire she now controls. Her brother Gideon showed up. He said he was there to support Margaux, nothing more.

Javier (Henri Esteve) came crawling back to Nolan (Gabriel Mann). Nolan accepted his apology and said he still had big plans for MyClone, even though they didn’t own it at the moment.

Gideon also paid Nolan a visit. He was angry that Margaux stole the company out from under him and he wants Nolan’s help to get it back. His plan was to gather dirt on Daniel so Daniel would be forced to turn the MyClone app over to him.

Conrad was languishing in prison with no real options. His lawyer said the police now had a motive for Pascal’s murder on top of the other charges because they’d received evidence in the form of a letter implicating Conrad. He advised him to take a plea deal for life in prison.

The DNA tests Victoria had done proved that Charlotte wasn’t biologically related to Carl. The means Amanda Clarke wasn’t the real Amanda Clarke. Victoria knew it had to be Emily.

Emily went to the cabin in the woods where she saw the picture of her with her father and the other papers. The mystery man was there and attacked her. She bested him but not before he plunged a syringe into her. She told Aiden she believed he was supposed to get a sample of her DNA for Victoria. She knew he was working for Victoria but his cell phone showed a call to her earlier in the day.

Aiden and Emily decided the only way to get Victoria was through her therapist, Dr. Michelle Banks (Amy Landecker). Aiden paid her a visit but Victoria was one step ahead of her. The doctor drugged Aiden at Victoria’s request and then Victoria strode in. The drug paralyzed him before he could much of anything. She said she was evening score since Emily had robbed her of her chance at happiness. She was going to do the same for Emily. As Aiden lie there, helpless on the floor, Victoria smothered him with a pillow.

While visiting Jack at The Stowaway, Emily saw on TV that the case into David Clarke’s trial was being reopened. He was cleared of all the charges against him. She and Jack were elated. She returned to her cottage to tell Aiden the good news. He was sitting on the sofa but didn’t respond. She moved over to him and discovered his lifeless body propped up there and completely lost it.

Nolan checked in on her the next day. She was in bed, grieving the loss of the only person she’d ever loved. Emily knew Victoria was behind it. Nolan and Jack talked about being worried about what Emily would next but she was already on the move before they could anything to stop her.

First, Emily went to pay the therapist a visit. She cornered her, using the doctor’s involvement in Aiden’s murder as blackmail. Michelle had to cooperate.

Daniel and Gideon went out for drinks where Gideon plied Daniel with Absinth and hooked him up with a redhead. Daniel woke up the next morning, groggy and made a quick call to Margaux, inviting her to his hotel room. She was headed right over. Little did he know yet, the redhead was still in his bead only she was dead and Gideon had a picture of Daniel sleeping next to the dead girl on his phone which he shared with Nolan. Nolan didn’t want to do business this way but Gideon already had the blackmail info.

Emily went to see Charlotte and gave her the ring. She suggested that Charlotte move David Clarke’s body for safe keeping but Charlotte refused to desecrate his grave so Emily said she would do it herself. This was a huge setup because Charlotte told Victoria as Emily intended.

Victoria followed Emily to the cemetery and confronted her, saying she knew something was off about her from the beginning. Emily said she wasn’t done with Victoria yet. She said she should kill Victoria right there because no one would miss her or care. Victoria thought Emily was digging up David’s grave but it was really Amanda’s. Then, Emily wielded her shovel around and smacked Victoria in the head with it.

Charlotte, meanwhile, went to see Jack and demanded to know why he hadn’t told her about the ring. Jack, who was more focused on Emily at the moment, tried to get Charlotte to leave. His hand on her shoulder made her remember the hand that touched her as it released her after the kidnapping. She left and broke into his car to discover the torn seat in his car, which she also remembered. She called the cops and Jack was arrested in connection with her kidnapping!

Victoria awoke in a hospital with Emily sitting beside her and a nasty contusion on her forehead. It was a mental hospital and Emily had her committed after, she told the doctors, she’d found Victoria digging up Amanda’s grave in a bid to prove her obsession with Emily being Amanda. Michelle came in and confirmed what Emily said, sharing her records of treating Victoria for the last several months for a psychotic break. Emily said goodbye to Victoria and left her screaming and shackled to the bed.

Conrad was not doing well in jail. One guard even tried to beat him up. Conrad went to the chapel to pray and that same guard showed up. It turned out the guard was there to help him escape and the beat down was a cover up. Dressed as priest, Conrad was escorted to the gate and the guard told him a ride would meet him down the road.

The biggest surprise of the night happened when a van stopped behind Conrad. He was whistling and singing and very happy until he turned to see who was picking him up. It was David Clarke! He approached Conrad, stabbed in the stomach and left him dead on the road.

Revenge” season 3 has ended but ABC has renewed the show for a fourth season. With Aiden and Conrad dead, Jack in jail and Daniel being set up, where the show goes is anybody’s guess!

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