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'Revenge' season 3, episode 22: Who will die in the season finale?

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

There are still a few more episodes before the "Revenge" season 3 finale, but there are already spoilers and rumors on who will die on the final episode. On April 4, International Business Times revealed some information on which character could bite the dust on "Revenge" season 3, episode 22.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Revenge" season 3 finale spoilers or fan speculation, then stop reading.

The title of the season finale episode is "Execution" and it would make sense that someone would die with an episode title like that. It definitely sounds like whoever dies will be murdered out of revenge instead of it being an accident. Now the question is, who could it be?

Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily Thorne on the drama series recently told The New York Daily News,

"Today, I was sobbing over the death of one of our characters. Then I'm going to do a massive fight sequence. You sort of put yourself through these emotional journeys."

On the show, Emily is only close to two people: Jack and Nolan.

Emily is very loyal to those she cares about and does not react well when one of them is hurt. There is no telling what she will do if Jack or Nolan ends up being killed, but since there is going to be a "massive fight sequence," she might react with uncontrollable rage.

As for what else fans can expect on "Revenge" season 3, episode 22, Emily will get closer to putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. As always, Victoria will do whatever she can to stop her and will try to find out exactly who she is, if this isn't discovered before the season finale.

"Revenge" season 3, episode 22, titled "Execution" will air on May 11.

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