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‘Revenge’ season 3, episode 18 spoilers: Victoria targets Mason

Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Spoilers for episode 18 of “Revenge” reveal that Victoria Grayson will be targeting Mason Treadwell to get information. The Amarillo Globe-News reports on April 4 that Victoria will be trying to uncover the secrets Emily Thorne has been hiding, and she hopes to use Mason in the process.

Emily’s latest threat in the episode titled “Blood” is Mason who is angry and wants to discuss their deal. Mason is not satisfied with the way things are progressing, and Emily’s recent scare makes him wonder if he will be in jail forever. He shares that Victoria visited him in jail, and he is now threatening to reveal Emily’s secrets if she does not make progress.

Although Mason knows Victoria wants to use him and is not falling for her lies, he is still willing to consider her offers because jail has made him desperate. Victoria is focused on exposing Emily and finding out her secrets, so she is willing to use anyone who could help her.

Fans are left wondering if Mason can be trusted for long and if Victoria will be able to find out the information she wants by using him. As the show gets closer to the season finale, there are still many unanswered questions, and one of the biggest issues is who will be killed in the last episode. “Revenge” has already shared a major character will die at the end, but the identity remains a secret. Most of the suggestions have focused on Nolan Ross or Jack Porter dying, yet there are other possibilities that remain in danger.