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'Revenge' season 3, episode 17: Synopsis for 'Addiction'

"Revenge" season 3, episode 17 will not air until March 30, but the synopsis is already on the Internet. On March 12, WetPaint revealed the synopsis as well as some speculation on what will happen when it airs.

Josh Bowman plays Daniel in "Revenge"
Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Warning: If you don't want to know "Revenge" 3x17 spoilers, then stop reading.

Emily's blackouts are becoming a real problem and during one of them, she apparently called Stevie, Conrad's first wife to have her help Emily with her divorce from Daniel. Since episode 16 has not aired yet, all fans can do is speculate on the synopsis that has been made available. It reads,

"Emily turns the tables when Victoria crashes casino night. Emily uses her newly single status to unravel a mystery from the past as Pascal attempts to make up for lost time with Victoria."

The phrase "newly single status" makes it sound like Daniel is either dead or the two have divorced or have had their marriage annulled. However, the latter two seem less likely since annulments and divorces tend to take a while, especially in a family where there is a lot of money.

Another reason Daniel's death seems like a possibility is because it has been revealed that there will be a death of a major character in season 3. Also, back in November, Josh Bowman, the actor who plays Daniel on "Revenge" told TV Guide that he was pitching the death of his character to producers.

The episode title is perplexing. What could "Addiction" mean? If Victoria crashes casino night, does it have something to do with that?

What do you make of the synopsis for "Revenge" season 3, episode 17?

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