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'Revenge' season 3, episode 15: Synopsis and spoilers for 'Struggle'

Emily VanCamp plays Emily Thorne in "Revenge"
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for Showtime

The second half of "Revenge" season 3 is off to an explosive start and it is clear that Emily is starting to lose it. What will happen on the next episode, titled "Struggle?" On March 10, WetPaint posted details about season 3, episode 15.

Warning: If you do not want to know "Revenge" season 3, episode 15 spoilers, then stop reading.

A sneak peek that was published a while back shows Emily saying,

"I'm going to kill them all."

At the time fans didn't know if she was serious or if she meant that she was going to completely destroy their lives. However, the last episode revealed that she was dead serious. A promo clip for "Struggle" shows images of Daniel, Victoria and Conrad, suggesting that one of the three could end up dead (or maybe all three.) Spoilers published during the mid-season break said that a major character was going to die. There was a lot of speculation that it could be Daniel, since actor Josh Bowman said back in November that he was pitching his death to producers. However, nothing has been said since so it could be him or it could be someone else.

Nolan is going to try to get Aiden to help, saying,

"She's about to do something she will not come back from, ever!"

Aiden doesn't want to get involved, but WetPaint speculated that in the end he will help.

On the last episode, Emily was holding a knife and judging from the look on her face when Nolan brought it to her attention, it seems that she wasn't even aware that there was anything in her hand. The sneak peek for "Revenge" season 3, episode 15 shows her stabbing something. It is a small knife, so it probably isn't a person, but rather a thing... perhaps a pillow?

A recent spoiler suggested that Emily was going to be in danger and it appears she might be in "Struggle." She will hide under a piece of furniture, dressed in black, then she is dragged out from where she is hiding. Another scary moment is at the end of the promo video Emily is pushed into a bucket of water.

As for Victoria, the official synopsis mentions her,

"Victoria makes a drastic move to deal with someone from her past."

In the sneak peek for "Revenge" 3x15, she says,

"I created this beast, I think it's time I slay her."

Victoria didn't create Emily, so it's doubtful that she is talking about her. It's definitely a woman and since it's someone from her past, it's logical to assume she is talking about Stevie.

"Revenge" season 3, episode 15 will air on March 16.

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