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‘Revenge’s’ ‘Revolution’ has 2 kidnappings, 1 murder, and David Clarke’s return

‘Revenge’s’ ‘Revolution’ has 2 kidnappings, 1 murder, and David Clarke’s return
Photo by Carlos Alvarez

On Sunday night’s “Revenge,” fans got one shock after another as Emily’s quest for revenge against the Graysons took another turn. Once character met an abrupt and bloody end and another was kidnapped just yards from her front door. And the takeaway form episode 3x20 that Hollywood Life posted on April 28 was that David Clarke might still be alive!

It started with Conrad reminding Aiden that he needed to take care of Pascal. If he didn’t Conrad would let Pascal know where to find Aiden which would put Aiden in peril.

Elsewhere, Victoria tells Pascal that she now realizes Emily’s wedding to Daniel and the subsequent shooting were designed to bring Victoria down. Pascal promises he won’t let Emily hurt Victoria again and he proposes marriage. Victoria accepts. Queue the love birds chirping in the background.

Aiden reported in to Emily and Nolan what Conrad’s plans are. They decided they needed to deal with Pascal themselves. When Pascal stepped out of his car in the city, a van pulled up behind him. Aiden grabbed him and tossed him into the vehicle. Aiden marches a hooded Pascal into an interrogation room where Emily is waiting. She introduces herself as Agent Rebecca Stone of Homeland Security and demands he tell her everything. He requests a lawyer but under the Patriot Act, she doesn’t have to provide one. She takes his phone and has Nolan pull all the files and info off it. They realize the audio files Pascal was blackmailing Conrad with were fakes. They have no evidence against Conrad but realize Conrad doesn’t know that.

Emily returned to the room where Pascal was being held. She threatened to go after Margaux if he didn’t help her nab the Graysons. He agreed to help get Conrad but not Victoria. Emily agreed. Pascal cannot tell Victoria or Emily will kill him. He will wear a wire at the MyClone launch party and get Conrad to talk.

Conrad visits Victoria after hearing about her engagement. He suggests that Pascal may be marrying her just to keep her from testifying against him if they are ever caught with regards to the David Clarke affair.

When Pascal returns, he is distant and aloof. He tells Victoria that they will be leaving the country tomorrow. Though he didn’t mention meeting Emily, Victoria finds the calling card she gave Pascal. She calls it and hears the voicemail message for Rebecca Stone. She believes Pascal was working with Homeland Security and tells Daniel about it. He tells Conrad. They both want to protect themselves. Daniel also convinces Margaux that she should get her father to put his decision to pass down leadership of his company to her in writing before he changes his mind.

Charlotte received an anonymous letter from a creep addressed to Charlotte Clarke. She asked her mom about it but Victoria dismissed it as being from some sicko. Charlotte thought the handwriting looked remarkably like David Clarke’s, which she’d seen in a journal that Amanda once showed her. When she asked Victoria if David could still be alive, Victoria shot her down.

Not sure what to believe, Charlotte visited Jack. She had found more letters on the same paper and in the same handwriting in her mother’s vanity. Jack agreed it couldn’t be David Clarke but said he might be able to help. After asking Nolan to dig up some info, Jack takes Charlotte to a secluded cabin where he believed the sender of the letters lived. No one was home so they let themselves in and looked around. There was a huge collection of information on David Clarke which confirmed to Jack that it was probably some nut case messing with Charlotte. Before they left, Jack pocketed a ring that caught his eye. Neither of them discovered the man who’d been hiding in a back room.

Charlotte was still concerned as they talked back at the bar. Charlotte said she was going for a walk. Jack looked at the initials on the ring, “DC” and wondered what it meant. The man from the cabin was watching the two of them from outside The Stowaway.

Emily and Nolan crash Javier’s launch party for MyClone. Aiden informs them via an earpiece that Pascal is wired and ready to get Conrad talking.

Victoria tries to get Pascal to leave the party and fly to Europe now. She senses something is wrong and wants to protect him but he won’t go. They will leave in the morning, he says. She kisses him goodbye and Emily says she is happy to see that Victoria is finally getting what she deserves.

During Pascal’s speech, he announces to the world that Margaux will secede him in running his empire. Then, she and Daniel introduced MyClone and the next must-have in technology. Javier gives the audience a preview but the application sends out some totally inappropriate responses. Nolan ‘modified’ the program as payback for Javier’s betrayal. Javier was more than peeved and went to Daniel. Daniel didn’t care. He said he and Margaux owned the company and didn’t need Javier anymore. He was fired.

Pascal sidles up to Conrad and says they have to talk. Conrad says he was just leaving but if Pascal wants to walk and talk, that’s okay with him. Pascal keeps trying to steer the conversation back to their pasts but Conrad, who is on to him, keeps sidestepping the topic. Nolan, Emily and Aiden start to follow when they realize Pascal isn’t going in the direction he’s supposed to be. Pascal and Conrad get on the elevators and head to the roof where Conrad has a helicopter waiting. Victoria, sensing trouble, was also in on the chase though she was considerably behind the others.

Conrad offers to give Pascal a ride back to the Hamptons. Pascal kept talking about wanting to clear his conscience and not wanting his past to haunt him. Just as Emily arrived on the roof, she saw Conrad push Pascal into the helicopter’s propeller! With Pascal gone, Conrad is safe once again. Emily ducked and made her way off the roof without being seen by Conrad or presumably Vitoria who showed up seconds later.

Seeing Conrad covered in blood, she looks to Pascal mutilated body on the roof and shrieks. She runs to him and throws herself on top of him, sobbing. When the police arrive, she is stunned they won’t do anything. The pilot corroborates Conrad’s story that it was an accident.

Margaux is in shock. Daniel tries to comfort her. The phone keeps ringing and she gets angry that people won’t give her a minute to process the loss. Daniel says the calls aren’t for condolences. She is the new CEO. He tells her not to worry; he’ll handle everything. What a good friend! Not!

Emily is even stunned by what she witnessed Conrad do. Aiden interprets it as meaning they were getting too close to something. Emily says she thinks she has a new plan.

Daniel visits Victoria who is sitting in her bedroom, still wearing the blood stained dress. She wants to know if Daniel told Conrad that Pascal had been dealing with the Feds. He acts like that’s ridiculous but she knows he’s lying. After he leaves, she calls the calling card number again. This time it is out of service. She knew something was going on.

In the closing scene, Charlotte is walking along the beach, making her way toward Grayson Manor, A hooded figure in dark clothes steps out of the shadows and grabs her off. She is flailing and fighting as he drags her off before the scene goes dark.

What is Emily’s new plan? Just who does Victoria think was behind Pascal’s involvement with the Feds and what will she do about it? Is the dark figure really David Clarke or someone with a sick interest in him?

Revenge” is shown on Sundays on ABC.

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