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‘Revenge’ recap of ‘Impetus’; Emily’s desperate move pays off at last

‘Revenge’ recap of ‘Impetus’; Emily’s desperate move pays off at last
‘Revenge’ recap of ‘Impetus’; Emily’s desperate move pays off at last
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The penultimate episode of season 3 of “Revenge” aired “Impetus” Sunday on ABC. Emily resorted to what may well have been her most desperate move yet and it paid off. It picked up where it left off – with Charlotte Grayson’s kidnapping, according to the Celeb Dirty Laundry recap posted May 4.

The masked man places Charlotte in a chair, tapes her mouth with duct tape, places a newspaper announcing Pascal’s death in her lap and steps out of the room. He removes his mask and it’s Aiden! He joins Emily in the control room. She’s behind the kidnapping!

Daniel and Victoria meet on the beach where Victoria confides she believes Emily was behind Pascal’s death. She saw Pascal and Emily share a look before he followed Conrad to the roof and his ultimate death. She thinks Emily and Pascal were working together.

Margaux gets a visit from the detective handing the investigation into her father’s death. He tells her both Conrad and the helicopter pilot confirm it was an accident. He is still concerned as to why Pascal was wearing a wire. No agencies he’s contacted had anything going on with him.

Javier checks in with Jack because he can’t reach Charlotte. He traced her cell phone and the last time she used it, it pinged off a tower near The Stowaway. Jack promises to call a few people and let him know.

Emily sends Conrad the chilling video feed of his kidnapped daughter. Using a voice disguising device, she tells him that he and Victoria must publicly confess to Flight 197 and the framing of an innocent man otherwise he will never see Charlotte alive again. Then, monitoring his calls, the group learns that Conrad is meeting one of his hired thugs at the wharf.

Daniel discovers Margaux viewing security tapes she is planning to turn over to the police. She believes Emily may have been involved and shows him a scene of Emily running down the back stairs from the roof just after her dad was killed. Daniel believes she was involved too.

Emily uses her time wisely and using a series of monitors, shows Charlotte news footage and files on the Flight 197 downing and on David Clarke. She explains that Charlotte’s parents funded the bombing and then framed David Clarke. Charlotte is almost hysterical when Jack walks into the control room and sees what Emily, Aiden and Nolan are up to.

Victoria is on a mission of her own. She hunts down Jack’s son, Carl, who is at the park with the nanny. When the child gets a scratch, she rescues him and dabs a bit of the blood. She makes nice conversation and excuses herself. At home, Conrad visits her and shows her the bloody ear he believes is Charlotte’s as he tells her what the kidnappers want.

Jack is disgusted by what Emily and the others are doing to Charlotte. Aiden is concerned as well because Charlotte is having a panic attack. It reminds him of the terror his sister went through as she was tortured and finally murdered. Emily leaves to get something for the anxiety for Charlotte from the drugstore. AS she leaves the store, the detective stops her and brings her to the police station for questioning regarding Pascal’s death.

Emily denies seeing anything and secretly dials Nolan so he can hear what’s going on. Daniel is at the station and he puts them on to the fact that Emily has a juvie record with fingerprints they can compare to those found on Pascal’s wire. Nolan lets Aiden know what’s happening and he races to the police station as Nolan hacks into the database and changes out Emily’s fingerprint file. Jack is left in charge of watching over Charlotte. Once they have all left to do their parts, Jack frees Charlotte.

In order to buy Nolan time to fix the file, Aiden assaults Daniel at the police station and he is taken to a holding cell. The detective tells Emily her prints don’t match and she can leave. He says he thinks Daniel is really out to get her.

Margaux arrives at the police station. After learning the latest developments, Margaux is distraught. Daniel comforts her and they share a kiss, finally – as if we didn’t see that coming.

With the press conference minutes away, Conrad is nervously pacing the room just as Charlotte bursts into the room. He rushes to her, delighted she is home but she says he disgusts her because she now knows what Conrad did to her real father. She says she’s going to the police. Conrad tells her she isn’t going anywhere and calls her a few names, including ungrateful bastard. He goes through a litany of his sins, admitting all sorts of things and then threatens her, reminding her she will keep her silence or he will erase her like he has every other person.”

Unknown to Conrad and Charlotte, she is wearing a camera that has broadcast Conrad’s entire confession to Flight 197 and everything else on the local news. She is preparing to cancel his planned conference; he turns on the local news and sees that his confession went live. Emily and Nolan have been watching the whole thing on TV and she cries well-earned tears of joy.

Conrad waits for the police to arrive to pick him up as Victoria gloats. He says he’s not running but plans to tell them that Victoria was his number-one co-conspirator. The FBI arrives and takes Conrad away in cuffs as Victoria smiles.

Aiden and Emily talk on her porch and he wonders why she isn’t reveling in her victory. She is already busy thinking about how to take down Victoria. They share a kiss just as Jack arrives and asks to speak to Emily privately. He tells her he “Needs” her and he is confused because Aiden had led him to believe they were over.

Jack admits he was impressed with the whole camera angle with Charlotte He hadn’t seen how letting her go was going to take Conrad down but it worked. Then he tells her about the man writing letters to Charlotte and how he went to the guys place and found the ring, which he produces. Emily looks at it carefully and declares it to be her father’s ring.

Emily goes to see Conrad in jail and that’s when he realizes she was behind his downfall. She says it was “in honor of Amanda and David Clark.” When he asks what she has in mind for Victoria, she says she’s not done yet. This cheers him up and he says, “Well then, Godspeed.”

Next week, ABC will air the season 3 finale of “Revenge” titled “Execution.” Rumor has it there will be a major character death, one that will make Emily cry.

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