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‘Revenge’ recap 3x21 ‘Impetus’; (spoiler) is in jail

Image from 'Revenge' season 3, epsiode 21 'Impetus'
Image from 'Revenge' season 3, epsiode 21 'Impetus'
ABC/Richard Cartwright

It happened, it finally happened, but will it stick, that's the question? After almost three seasons of Revenging, Emily has finally done it. Conrad Grayson is behind bars, but let's go back to the beginning of the episode, “Impetus,” which aired Sunday, May 4 on ABC.

Revenge” wasted no time in revealing Charlotte’s kidnapper from the end of last week’s episode. It was none other than Aiden. Emily’s Revengenda: Kidnap her half-sister and then send a ransom video and “Charlotte’s ear” to the Grayson's to make sure they don’t disobey orders. Her price: A confession from the Grayson’s of their involvement in Flight 197 and the framing of David Clarke.

While Conrad was bent out of shape by the news of Charlotte’s abduction, even setting up a press conference to confess his sins, Victoria had a hunch Emily was behind the kidnapping and wouldn’t hurt Charlotte, so she did some scheming of her own. Victoria bagged a sample of Charlotte's hair along with a sample of Little Carl's blood, which she had swiped from him after an injury in the playground. Who was the messenger person, who took the sample to the lab and returned with the results? It was…creepy “David Clarke” cabin guy. Hmmm.

Charlotte, handcuffed to a chair, was forced to watch recorded news footage of the horror of Flight 197, the framing of her father, David Clarke, and the removal of people who got in the way, including Amanda and Declan, to see the truth behind her parent’s lies. With that knowledge, Emily knew Charlotte would confront the father who raised her, which Charlotte did after being freed by Jack, who stumbled upon Emily, Aiden and Nolan’s schemes.

Charlotte confronted Conrad about his crimes, and his confession was explosive. He even called Charlotte ungrateful, and threatened to “erase" her after she threatened to go to the police. To Conrad’s horror and Charlotte’s surprise, the showdown was captured via a camera attached to Charlotte’s coat, and broadcast live to the news by Nolan with the help of the satellite trucks parked outside the mansion, which were parked for the Grayson’s press conference. This was Emily’s plan the entire time. She knew a press conference held under duress wouldn’t hold up in court, but the confrontation between Charlotte and Conrad would.

Victoria was surprised that Conrad didn’t try to run after his unintentional public confession, but he said, “Running would be undignified.” He even fixed his hair as the authorities arrived. When they are taking Conrad away, Victoria’s parting words, “Goodbye, Conrad. Do rot in hell.”

Emily’s eyes watered as she finally took down Conrad Grayson and his involvement in framing her father. “Ems,” Nolan says. “You got him.”

Victoria, though, still hasn’t paid for the sins she committed against her father. Aiden tells Emily to let Victoria be tomorrow’s problem. He tells Emily that they belong together, and she agrees. As they are kissing, Jack interrupts them, surprised to see her and Aiden together since Aiden told Jack earlier that he and Emily weren’t going to make it as a couple. While Charlotte was being held captive, Aiden pointed out that Jack couldn’t let Emily go, and added, “But the problem is, you don’t want her, you want Amanda Clarke.” He even insinuated that in order for Jack to see Amanda again, this plan had to work. It’s uncertain if Aiden told Jack that he had to let Emily go in order to get Jack to help with Charlotte or because deep down, Aiden knows that he and Emily won’t work out. It turns out that Aiden gave Jack the command to set Charlotte free. Jack didn’t choose to do it on his own, going against Emily, like was led to be believed.

Regardless of whether Aiden and Emily are together or not, Jack’s happy that everything turned out all right for Emily. He tells Emily about the letters that Charlotte received from the person pretending to be David Clarke, and shows her the ring that he found, and she confirms that it’s her father’s ring…

Conrad, locked away in his cell, receives a surprise visitor. Emily. As she’s looking at him with a satisfied look on her face, realization comes to play, and he says, “You did this.” She nods, and says, “Yes, in memory of David and Amanda Clarke.” He asks, “What about Victoria?” Her reply, “Oh, I’m not finished yet.” With a smirk, he says, “Well, then, Godspeed.

Framing Victoria won’t be that easy. For weeks, she’s been onto Emily’s plan to revenge David’s death, and both her and Daniel have a feeling Emily was the Homeland Security agent that was in contact with Pascal. Daniel even told Margaux the evil truth about her father. Daniel went so far as to have Emily pulled into the police station for questioning, but thanks to Nolan's hacking skills and Aiden (who got himself arrested and bailed out by Emily after giving Daniel a pounding), no evidence could be found of Emily’s involvement.

After receiving the lab results, Victoria now knows that Charlotte and faux-Amanda aren't related. She may also know that Emily Thorne is the real Amanda Clarke as hinted by the promo for next week’s episode.

Earlier while Charlotte was being held captive, Nolan asked Emily, “What is the first thing you think you’ll do as Amanda Clarke?” Emily brought up the time Nolan referred to her as a robot when they were in a fight, and added, “Emily Clarke is a machine. That’s why I created her. I had to find a way not to feel. The truth is…I have no idea who Amanda Clarke is anymore.” If Victoria reveals the truth behind Emily’s fake identity, Emily may soon get to find out.

"Revenge" airs on Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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