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‘Revenge’ press release for Episode 3x19 ‘Allegiance’; Who is taking down whom?

Emily talks to Victoria
Emily talks to Victoria
Photo by ABC Promotional

Season 3 of “Revenge” has gone back to the successful format of its first year and it’s paid off with more intrigue and drama as viewers will see with episode 3X19, “Allegiance.” Spoiler TV shared ABC’s press release for the episode on March 24 and things are getting heated for Emily and Victoria.

‘Revenge’ press release for Episode 3x19 ‘Allegiance’; Who is taking down whom?
Photos by ABC Promotional

It looks like a day at the races will be the scene of a major takedown. Check out ht e slideshow from the episode. After reading the press release below, however, the question is who will be taking down whom?

“Allegiance” – As Emily learns the identity of a key conspirator against her father, Victoria sets a trap she knows Emily can’t resist, on “Revenge.,”

It is possible Emily will learn the identity of someone who was responsible for having her father convicted of terrorist activities or in his murder. If she does, will she be able to act on it? Perhaps it is part of the trap Victoria has set for Emily and the conspirator is just bait. If that is the case, will Victoria finally take down Emily and learn who she really is?

Either scenario has promise. Although we are rooting for Emily, you can’t help but applaud Victoria’s machinations as she tries to root Emily’s past out, learn her identity and find out what she has against the Graysons.

“Revenge” airs on ABC on Sundays.

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