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‘Revenge’ photos from episode 3X14 ‘Payback’ Patrick figures prominently

Conrad and Victoria at home
Conrad and Victoria at home
Photo by ABC Promotional

Revenge” will be returning in arch with a new episode entitled “Payback” and from the looks of the promotional pictures shared on Spoiler TV on Feb. 18, Patrick Osbourne figures prominently. So it looks like he survived the fire he set in his studio in the midseason finale after learning about his biological father.

‘Revenge’ photos from episode 3X14 ‘Payback’ Patrick figures prominently
Photos by ABC Promotional

The synopsis for the episode 3X14 tells what to expect in terms of Victoria:

“While Emily's mysterious blackouts threaten everything and everyone she holds dear, Victoria confronts two formidable ghosts from her past.”

It would seem Patrick’s biological dad is one of those ghosts. Victoria told Patrick that Jimmy had been a friend and confidante until the day he took her to the basement and raped her. Patrick is the result of that encounter. Of course, Victoria has lied about being raped before. She told Daniel in season 1 that Charlotte was indeed David Clarke’s biological daughter but only he because he had forced himself on her. We all knew that was a lie and it didn’t take Daniel long to find out either. Is Victoria lying to Patrick in the same way?

Patrick is seen talking with Victoria at her home and then later with Jimmy at what appears to be Jimmy’s place of employment. All three of them are seen in what looks like Patrick’s burned out studio. While there are some somber and worried expressions on Victoria’s and Patrick’s faces, Victoria doesn’t seem panic-stricken like she was when she laid eyes on Jimmy in the bar.

Tune in on Sunday, March 9 when “Payback” airs on “Revenge.” Until then, enjoy the photos! Watch the promo, too.

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